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Platform Ubuntu* Mirantis* OpenStack Open Platform for NFV* Additional Information To learn more about OvS-dpdk, check out the following videos and articles on Intel Developer Zone,.org, Intel Network Builders

and Intel Network. OvS-dpdk Availability OvS-dpdk is available in the upstream openvswitch. "If you have lots of servers with Open vSwitch, you have all this acceleration to give you high performance said Hanselman of 451 Research. By enabling very fast packet processing, dpdk is making it possible for the telecommunications industry to move performance-sensitive applications like the backbone for mobile networks and voice to the cloud. Etsi NFV White Paper. About the Author Robin Giller is a program manager with the Intel Network Platforms Group. Figure 4 : Performance comparison - native Open vSwitch* (OvS) and OvS with Data Plane Development Kit. The hardware and software configuration for this data, along with further use case results, can be found in the Intel Open Network Platform (Intel ONP) performance report. Exception packets (first packet in a flow) do not match any existing entries in the kernel fastpath table and are sent to the user space daemon for processing (slowpath). This path is the least performant, 10x slower than the EMC. By integrating OvS with dpdk, the switching fastpath is in user space, and the exception path is the same path that is traversed by packets in the kernel fastpath case. Installation steps for the master branch are available as well as installation steps for the.6 release branch. Figure 2 below shows the high-level architecture of OvS-dpdk. OvS-dpdk Features and Performance, at the time of this writing, the following high-level OvS-dpdk features are available on the OvS master code branch: dpdk support for v16.07 (supported version increments with each new dpdk release) vHost user support vHost reconnect vHost multiqueue. Intel dpdk will also be the software foundation for Intel's server reference design. It talks to OpenFlow controllers over the network and to switch hardware or software through an ofproto provider. The following section provides details of the switching/forwarding tables, with further information on the OvS architecture available through the openvswitch. Intel's sponsorship of these open source projects includes platinum membership in, OpenDaylight, OpenStack, opnfv and, open Source mano (OSM) as well as membership in open source projects such as dpdk and Open vSwitch. The dpdk provides a programming framework for Intel x86 processors and enables faster development of high speed data packet networking applications. "If there is going to be anything like an OpenFlow value chain, it has to start with merchant silicon. Open source organizations foster industry-wide collaboration and innovation on technologies that propel the industry forward. It also includes a new network switch software stack nitrocellulose filter paper life based on Wind River Linux, and supports OpenFlow and Open vSwitch. The integration of dpdk with OvS is illustrated at a high level in Figure. Arista Networks recently submitted code to OpenStack to unify how, quantum orchestrates both physical and virtual switches. Netdev-dpdk is a dpdk-accelerated network device that uses dpdk to accelerate switch I/O, through three separate interfaces: one physical interface roses stores paper application (handled by the librte_eth library within dpdk and two virtual interfaces (librte_vhost and librte_ring). "We look at enterprise and cloud data centers as the natural proof point for SDN Intel's Schooler said. To request a protocol stack acceleration, please click here. I'm sure we'll see Broadcom make some announcements soon.". User guides: Developer guides: Articles and Videos: OvS with dpdk milestone release webinars: INB university: White paper: Have a question?

Intel dpdk white paper

what Email, traffic is growing on our fighter networks exponentially. The goal of the project is to accelerate the adoption of softwaredefined networking SDN and create a solid foundation for Network Functions Virtualization NFV. Ore, and learn more about Intelapos, and a Verizon lab in Waltham. While supporting standard management interfaces and protocols such as NetFlow. Openstack, ingressegress QoS policing, we believe in openness of northbound and southbound APIs and interfaces.

Intel dpdk white paper

Code is available for download as follows. S other open source projects can hci be found. With its active ecosystem, kernel, the three tables have different characteristics and associated throughput performancelatency.

If we do, we'll go out of business.".Intel is a leading contributor to a number of open source projects within the NFV and SDN area.

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The dpcls contains many more table entries (arranged in multiple subtables) and enables wildcard matching of the packet identifier (for example, destination IP and port are specified but any source is allowed).Packet flows matched in the dpcls are installed in the EMC so that subsequent packets with the same identifier can be processed at the highest speed.Threw its weight behind software-defined networking and network functions virtualization with a pair of reference designs for white-box switches and servers that could help mainstream white-box hardware.