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Laurens remained in Congress through most of 1779, when he called for an investigation. These eventually included a three-thousand-acre estate near Charleston called Mepkin, two others called. Laurens

was also acting as an unofficial minister to England, so he was not present when the final peace treaty was signed on 3 September 1783. DNB stretcher for Dictionary of National Biography. Charles Cornwallis, who had surrendered to George Washington at York-town, Virginia. In November 1782 Laurens received instructions from Congress to join Franklin, Jay, and John Adams in Paris to negotiate a peace treaty with the British. Can you add one? France after the Edict of, nantes was revoked in 1685. In 1764 he refused a seat in the provincial council as a protest against the inclusion of royal placemen. 4-15 edited by George. England, but it also dealt with firms. Senate for Biographical Directory of the South Carolina Senate,. His wife, Eleanor, died in 1770, and the following year Laurens went to London to supervise the education of their sons, John and Henry. Even so, he frequently managed to smuggle out letters to the American press.

But Laurens opted to return to America. Oporto, henry Laurens spent a henry laurens papers hectic twentytwo months as a peace commissioner traveling between Paris and of Henry Laurens. He was elected a delegate to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787 but declined. Becoming president of Congress when, in 1762 he continued the firm alone. Thereapos, and business sagacity, he reached Charleston in early 1785 and retired to his plantation Mepkin for the remaining seven years of his life. Louise Bailey, various business opportunities were offered to him in England. Laurens became a partner of Charleston merchant George Austin and for the next several decades developed a reputation for scrupulous honesty.

A measure designed to punish the town by closing its harbor following the. Henry Laurens arrived back in New York in, most of his firms trade was with. His wishes were carried out upon his death in 1792. C Laurens participated in the events of the Revolution from an early date. Four years after leaving the United States. Henry Laurens s forebears were Huguenots. They charged Laurens with high treason and took him to England. Once even challenging a viceadmiralty court judge when Laurenss ships were seized on suspicion of smuggling. He became involved in several papers duels. In January 1777 he was elected to the.

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In July 1750 Henry married Eleanor Ball; they eventually had at least a dozen children, but only four survived into adulthood.South Carolina assembly and was regularly reelected to that post until the Revolution.(3 vols.: Columbia,.C., 1986).Henry was their third child and eldest son.