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By deanying on Jul 15, 2018

look best on the snout, so I glued a few layers of streamer across that before continuing with the fringe. Until the form was covered entirely. Mix 1/2 cup

of flour with.5 cups water. We used two little confetti pieces. Then I let it dry overnight again! I cant decide what animal to make next! I use paper towels because they are unicorn easier to sculpt. I bring it to a boil stirring constantly until its a soupy mixture. I used school glue, but would be interested to see if hot glue would work (it might melt the tinsel). I found about four layers to be good. Set the project up to dry. I built up layers and layers until the head looked like I wanted.

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Flip it over so the how to make a unicorn paper mache part inside the bowl gets a chance to dry. I pretty much followed her directions to the letter. I had this vision of a unicorn bust coming from the wall. Once it looks like a snout.

And the overall piñata, it wasnt super expensive or anythingbut do be careful disclaimer. Step Nine, cut a little tab in the middle and bend the bottom of the ear so it can attach to the head. Another addition to Boos playroom, horn, continue with the fringe until youve covered the entire head. Repeat on the other ear, it adds strength to the snout. Twist the pipe cleaners together at the top and bottom. Step Five, there is surely unicorn an easier way to create hair for your unicorn. We are not responsible for any streamer sawing mishaps. Put two holes at the top of the head near the candy hole. If you want to do this. Cover the face of the unicorn with paper because even though you will modge podge over the face.

We will have to find a better place for it in her room once the party is over.I wrapped the pieces in newspaper to help secure them and used tape to contour different sections: I formed a neck out of newspaper and attached it: I cut a heavy piece of cardboard to be the backing for the neck (the flat piece that.Attach or marker on nostrils, if desired.

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Learn How to Make Paper Mache Paste and What to Do With It fun

I love that its whimsical 3-dimensional artwork appropriate for a childs room.Find a bowl that your balloon will sit in nicely youll need this for both applying the paper maché and drying the project.Step Ten: Ta Da!Using hot glue, attach the bangs at the top of the head over the candy hole.