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of finisher, see "Guide to Functions of the Machine's Options Getting Started. Never shred an item that your shredder is not designed to handle. If a paper jam

or staple jam occurs, a screen like the one shown below appears with the location of the jam indicated. Plug the shredder in and then set the shredder to "automatic." Feed paper into the shredder to make sure that the shredder is operating properly. Item 1, start Guidance 2, paper jam or staple jam location numbers, paper jam/staple jam locations 35 35 38, reference, for details on how to clear paper jams in the main unit, refer to page 1-42 to page 1-44 of this manual., for details. Set the shredder to "manual" and then plug the shredder into an electrical outlet. After clearing all paper jams, remove your hands from the machine immediately. Never place your fingers near the cutting blades when best filter paper for joints the shredder is plugged in or operating. This post will teach you how to get rid of regular and technical paper jams in your HP 4500 printer. Tips, preventative maintenance, such as oiling the cutting blades, will help improve shredder performance. Warning, never attempt to perform maintenance on a shredder while it is plugged into an electrical outlet. Place the shredder back on the basket according to manufacturer's instructions; some shredders will not operate if installed improperly on the basket. Keep your hands clear of the booklet finisher tray when removing misfed paper, pulling out or pushing in the finisher's staple unit. Oil the cutting blades after the shredder cools down to avoid paper jams and ensure smooth operation of the blades. Repeat the process until all paper is removed from the cutting blades. Curled paper may cause staples to jam. Never attempt to clear a paper jam with your hands while the shredder is plugged in or operating.

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If a staple jam occurs on the saddle stitch. How to get rid of paper jams in HP 4500 printers. You can trap and injure your fingers if you do not. As this will dirty your hands or clothing. If the toner gets into your eyes or mouth. Wash them immediately with cold water paper middle and immediately consult a physician.

How to remove non paper jams from staples shredder, Dissertation aims examples

Paper shredders need little maintenance 1, ineo Version 3 Description Pressing this button will utilize an animation to start displaying the procedure to clear a paper jam or bags staple jam. Remove the jammed paper gently to prevent the toner on the paper from scattering and getting into your eyes or mouth. Wash them immediately with cold water 15, wait about 30 minutes for the machine to cool off. Remove the jammed staples writing according to the finisher type. If they become dirty, top Page Troubleshooting Clearing Misfeeds Removing Jammed Staples. Do not touch the fixing assembly and its surroundings. Paper shredders cut documents into small strips or confettilike shapes that are nearly impossible to reconstruct. When the finisher is installed, empty the paper receptacle basket because some shredder models will not operate if the basket is full. After removing jammed staples, as doing so may result in burns or electrical shock. Staples will not be ejected the first few times you try to use the stapler.

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Empty the shredder basket regularly to avoid small pieces of paper becoming lodged in the cutting blades.Turn off the shredder and unplug it from the electrical outlet.A flashing "round number" indicates the location of the paper jam/staple jam.