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few items that will come to me five minutes after this psot goes live. Lean Heavily on Statistical Graphics, the use of statistical graphics often provides the strongest means

for conveying the patterns in data. Step ONE: Know your options. Results Now that you've explained how you gathered your research, american you've got to report what you actually found. In this section, outline the main findings of your research. While it's true that you'll eventually need to tailor your research for your target journal, which will provide specific author guidelines for formatting the paper (see, for example, author guidelines for publications. Option 2: Bar Graph. Avoid using acronyms and abbreviations in the abstract, as the reader may not be familiar with them. Generalizations and the present tense are best left in the conclusions section. For example: Figure. What I think is that the people who do the bad science writing are exploiting this attitude. acknowledgments 12 sentences, introduction 12 pages, conflicts of Interest/Originality Statement 1 sentence. Discussion 46 pages, abstract 1 paragraph (100300 words conclusion 1 paragraph. Bar graphs are also one of the easiest forms to make annoyingly deceptive, so they need to be used with care. If youre trying to interpret brand-new data, in the privacy of your own lab, office, or coffee shop, you can just slap together any quick-and-dirty sort of graph that you like, so you can see what youre dealing with. Dont make a graph with points that are distinguished only by color (some people wont be able to see that but make sure that the shapes of the markers are easily distinguishable. Present your general conclusions, including an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the research and the implications of your findings. Keywords 37 words (approx. Different goals will be best served by different types of presentations, and its important to have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish, so you can choose the right sort of graph for the job. When you make a histogram, youre not representing the size of a single parameter, but characterizing a distribution of measurements. Use the Past Tense, the past tense is appropriate because the results section is supposed to be a description of what was observed in the particular study. Example 6, the hypothesized factors were found to jointly predict substance use relapse (LR x2(3) 21,.001). Without a culture of transparency, there is an incentive to cheat. However, don't start too broad; keep the information relevant. In such cases, you can make a visual representation of the system by mapping your measured value onto the color (or greyscale density) of points on a two-dimensional grid, where the grid coordinates represent the values of the two variable parameters. In figure captions, stay consistent with the use of punctuation, italics, and capitalization. One way to ensure consistency is to use standard scientific terminology. In fact, scien- tists do have expectations and their observa- tions and analysis are made in light of those expectations. Who can tell?) and having to go searching through the body of a paper to find the definition. Here I want to go in a slightly different discussion and talk about the ways in which the form of conventional science paper has been directly damaging science itself. You can also include a research question, hypothesis, and/or objectives at the end of this section.

Formatting tips, there are tons of variants on these you can turn a color map into a surface plot. If your goal stalin ruble for sale paper money is scientific progress. Or make a scatter plot with two different axes. This is the most basic form of plot you can make. If youre at a point where lifespan growth and development research paper topics you have need of my input.

How to Write and Illustrate a Scientific Paper - by Björn Gustavii February 2008.Then, when your study is completed, you will encounter another serious matter: how to present the statistical results.About half of such presentations contain statistical errors (Murray 1991).

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Or use parentheses for the equation number when you refer to equations within the text. Be consistent with your units of measure especially date and how to present statistical data in scientific papers time. You must be prepared to justify your findings and conclusions. Andor points of view, use intext citations to support your discussion. Remember, elsevierapos, a bad visual presentation of data will remain baffling no matter how many times you read its description. Along with its n value, the lengths of the bars represent the number of measurements falling into a particular range of values. Use two significant digits unless more precision is how to present statistical data in scientific papers necessary.

If youre comparing two or more quantities for each of your qualitatively different conditions, bar graphs give you a very quick visual way to identify the relative sizes.These are tricky to interpret, and a friend at work still gives me grief about the color plots of SteelyKids feeding schedule from back in the day, but its a category of plot thats reasonably common these days, since computers have gotten powerful enough.

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Beyond IMRaD: Formatting the Details Aside from the overall format of your paper, there are still other details to watch out for.Here, you represent the magnitude of some quantity by the length of a horizontal or vertical bar.A good visual presentation of data can make a complicated result come clear in an instant.Higher levels of abstaining social supports decreased the rate of relapse.