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By Луиджи on Jul 13, 2018

Im pussy. These niggas might appreciate what son doin for embut I see what the insecure shook nigga who be goin thru broads purses while they in the bathroom

is doin son. Bodybuilding Instagram Hashtags: #instafit #motivation #fit #socialsteeze #fitness #gymlife #pushpullgrind #grindout #flex #instafitness #gym #trainhard #eatclean #grow brawny #focus #dedication #strength #ripped #swole #fitnessgear #muscle #shredded #squat #cardio #sweat #grind #lifestyle #pushpullgrind. Hair Instagram Hashtags: #hair #hairstyle #instahair #socialsteeze #hairstyles #haircolour #haircolor #hairdye #hairdo #haircut #longhairdontcare #braid #fashion #straighthair #longhair #style #straight #curly #black #brown #blonde #brunette #hairoftheday #hairideas #perfectcurls #hairfashion #hairofinstagram #coolhair. Yeah ahh think its deliberate. But then here come Young Angel talmbout havin soldiers n niggas who came up off the strip for him n come up off the hip for him if he need. So thats the whole album sonor what Im gon refer to as that cascading waterfall of invisible dicks that sons fans call his music. And shout out to Toronto bitch Im Tony in my city. This is what little marshmallow ass muthafuckas do tho. But ahh cant take how son rapsno not even a liiiitlebit. She said yer such a dogI said yer such a bone. If you niggas cop retail versions of this shit dont forget to take the cd in for a yearly pap smear. The music on this shit aint that badbut it aint really no kinda beat namsayin.

This nigga jus lazy as fuck now tho son. The moisture levels on this shit got clouds formin over my speakers. Blackandwhite bnw monochrome socialsteeze instablackandwhite monoart instabw bnwsociety bwlover bwphotooftheday photooftheday bw instagood bwsociety bwcrew bwwednesday instapickbw bwstylesgf iroxbw igersbnw bwstyleoftheday monotone monochromaticnoir fineartphotobw. Is this shit house, love followback instagramers socialsteeze tweegram photooftheday 20likes amazing smile follow4follow like4like look instalike igers picoftheday paper miniature forum food instadaily instafollow followme girl instagood bestoftheday instacool carryme follow colorful style swag 2nd Most Popular Instagram Hashtags. I meanjus stop that shit son, fun instagramers model socialsteeze food smile pretty followme. Its like this nigga on a roll now wit back to back joints thats still kinda bitchmade but not as horrible as all the other bitchmade shit on this album nahmean. Take Care, you might only live once sonbut apparently you can keep makin gay ass music forever if you wanna. Tattoo tattoos tat ink inked socialsteeze tattooed tattoist coverup art design instaart instagood sleevetattoo handtattoo chesttattoo photooftheday tatted instatattoo bodyart tatts tats amazingink tattedup inkedup. Rozay does his thing toon if I couldnt understand what the homie Young Playtex was sayinI would say his shit was aight too. Cos son gave this nigga one of the top 3 beats of the year nahmean.

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Niggas always callin Drizzy homo tho. This nigga jus gon use bein drunk as a green light to past talk to a broad while her man aint around n tell her that son aint shit. I meanI dont really fuck wit it like that neitherbut I aint mad. But its almost like a cherub came n whispered in the niggas ear after he recorded this shit n told him Sonthis shit aint moist enough byou need to come do a duet wit me now for the interlude. So Im goin thru her phone if she go to the bathroom n her purse rite thereI dont trust these hoes at all. I meanmaybe son is kinda homoesque, i love it when your hair still wet cos you jus took a showerrunnin on a treadmill n only eating saladsound so smart like you graduated college. I hate that niggas music n he definitely that corny nigga at the club who pops open a bottle of champagne n then sniffs the corkbut he allowed to follow his dreams. Im sayin I dont see myself wantin to smack a nigga witta light post or nothin if he play this shit in front of me or nothin. Health and Fitness Instagram Hashtags, niggas kno ya pedigree, ahh think its deliberate.

But it was definitely a step in the slightly less bitchnigga direction for son.Fuck this nigga.

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No disrespect to the legend but Im jus sayin.These niggas gon always exist bruh.But yall niggas put that muthafucka on a pedestal.