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free resources for both parents and students who are preparing for 11 exams and other entrance tests. However, Manchester Grammars best resource is English Paper 1 (or Paper A

depending on the year). We regularly add more content to this section for all levels of the national curriculum, so be sure to check back often. The level of the questions resembles 13, though the marking is likely to be a little more lenient. The mathematics papers are the only readily available resource (apart from in 11 Plus Lifeline and the later papers in my 11 Maths pack ) which consistently, and with high quality, approach the level of, for example, the St Pauls Girls 11 maths exam. The page linked above includes a considerable number of free papers, as well as reviews of 11 books (disclosure: some of my own books have been generously reviewed here). Worked Examples, how to Do, book your 11 Plus Assessment. Like several other schools, Manchester Grammar puts several years of maths and English past papers on their website. The printable worksheets and presentations cover some of the toughest aspects of the exams, including clauses, colons, foreboding and much much more. The practice papers are designed to give children a foretaste of the type of questions they may ppt well face in these exams. Here is a selection of free 11 plus mathematics and English papers ranging from, worked Examples to, how to Do created by our team of 11 plus course writers for you to download and work through with your child.

On independent school exams, because they are changing their exam style. I like Femkes site a lot, they have taken down all their past papers. For this reason, its well worth exploring the rest of the site for 11 plus maths walmart worksheets. Sadly, the MGS English and paper maths papers are also excellent preparation for independent school multiplechoice papers.

Free 11, plus exam practice papers to help home preparation.While we provide these past papers for free, we do not recommend solely using papers for.Free 11, plus, maths, exam.

I have really included this page because proofs of the interesting English papers. And it has more for the independent sector than many of the pages on this list. Analytical answers in the manner required by most independent schools. This is a very useful site with a wide range of advice for grammar and independent school entry. But Ive tried to be as objective as possible.

(Grammar Some Independent Schools) This site has some useful free resources for verbal and non-verbal reasoning exams, including practice papers and video tutorials.The St Pauls English papers are also useful, requiring developed answers.The following papers have been written by our 11 Plus tutors, all of whom are qualified teachers with experience of preparing students for entrance exams.

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Plus, maths, Free Papers - Eleven Plus Exams

The online tests are multiple-choice, and are useful for (for example) consolidating Key Stage 2 number skills.The papers below are all in standard format not multiple choice.There arent many papers here, but they are great: worth saving till the final stages of an ambitious childs preparation.