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By Urmanova on Jul 13, 2018

surface on the piece. This response is driving me to consider other ways of expressing the same ideas in a more concrete, painterly form. Shipping Encaustic Works, for good

reason artists are often concerned about shipping or transporting works in encaustic paint. I myself collect almost exclusively work on paper because I love paper and can afford art in this form. For example, it takes the same energy to sell a 500 work on paper that is does a 2,000 work on canvas. There are many options available and most professional framers will have the experience and knowledge to assist you in making the best decisions for your work. If you wanted to try encaustics on the cheap, you can get some of the hard waxy oil pastels that are sold in some stores. Its best to melt the wax in a double boiler for safety reasons too. There are tons of non-traditional ways to frame and present your work if you use your imagination. Keep these points in mind: 1) Pack it so that nothing touches the wax surface. Ive found that its a huge hassle to repair the lovely drips if they become damaged, they are more difficult to frame, and many people dont love the drips as much as the artist does. If the work is heavy or it is being transported over a long distance, a plywood crate will give better protection. For example, I have had good luck with selling framed encaustic on paper pieces in galleries. All my galleries resist works on paper. Dorothy Cochran, there is a pecking order for galleries and clients and paintings reign. I am sure I will end up having some that will remain on paper, too. If it is behind glass, again its not as bright. Frames were used to enhance the work, separate it from the wall, and add additional support by preventing the stretchers and canvases from warping. If the piece is heavy, use thick sheets of foam rubber (such as thick weather stripping) instead of peanuts, which can be too easily crushed. Packing for larger and/or 3-dimensional work may volcano be done in the same manner or may have to be designed differently for the specific work. Its your choice how far back to set your work just make sure its far enough to protect the entire face if laid face down on a table. Historically, an unframed painting was considered incomplete. Its one of the sweetest little pieces Ive ever done.

Framing encaustic on paper

But we dont represent works on paper. Iapos, because the response I have framing been getting from galleries on my latest body of work. But rarely leave my work finished this way. This is a personal preference, insulating against hot or cold temperatures is in many respects the same as insulating against shock. It was during the mid 20th century the display of unframed canvases became trendy and acceptable. Time and time again, if the objects are light and the adhesive is strong. And would love to show you. Yet, these strips can be made from 316 foam core taped tightly to the sides of the painting or frame tape to the back of the painting or frame and tightly at the corners.

For example, I have had good luck with selling framed encaustic o n paper pieces in galleries.The price point is lower and when collectors are.To Frame or not to Frame?

Some dont want to be bothered. All of your points are well taken. But not all 1 Packing so nothing touches the surface. I have encountered this problem many times with galleries. Youll be better able to show your prints and drawings. To frame or framing encaustic on paper not to frame. But I havent found any other galleries that would consider doing this. Many dealers feel they can charge higher prices for panelcanvas. The framing encaustic on paper foam core inner box should be wrapped with several layers of bubble wrap use extra bubble wrap on the corners.

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Caring for and Shipping Work in Encaustic - R F Handmade Paints

An artist friend mounts her woodcuts on dibond (aluminum) and they are coated with something that can literally be wiped down.By Jane Guthridge, for those of you who work on paper, do you find more of a reluctance from galleries to show your works on paper rather than works on canvas?I really wasnt sure what to do with it but with the help of Nash Frame we created the most beautiful little floater frame by mounting the piece on a backing board and choosing a frame with a slight swoop.Most encaustic painters use floater frames which are available in a number of styles, heights, and depths.