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work on the same audit files while managing version conflicts. For example, if you file the clients bank reconciliations in Section A and you refer to them in

Section F, you dont need to make copies of the bank reconciliations to place in Section. F, which stands for foot and which means that you confirmed the arithmetic calculations on the workpaper or schedule. Report Completion: This can also significantly decrease the time it takes to finalize a report because once the auditor submits it, any pending matters can be quickly addressed since all departments are communicating electronically. . We recently converted from physical work papers to electronic work papers making our audit process much more eco-friendly and proficient. . Schedules show what steps you take to reach a conclusion. The most ideal way to transmit work papers to RKLs Audit Services Team is via LeapFile, a secure online portal that allows you to send and retrieve files. It may seem obvious, but its worth stating: All your documentation should be complete and accurate. However, its important to note the possible risks that each poses: a misplaced, unencrypted USB drive or a CD/DVD can get into the wrong hands, or a computer virus can open your data up to potential security threats.

At the time, on Course onCourse Staff Electronic Work Papers Why ade the Switch. Information gets trapped inside documents and spreadsheets. Enhance the ability of gates foundation white papers reviewers to follow the auditors work. Most firms and their clients have embraced a paperless work flow to increase efficiency in the audit process. In todays accounting environment, how should I submit my work papers.

Complete, audit, documentation System.Included as part of the integrated TeamMate.Audit, management Software Suite, TeamEWP electronic Working Papers ) uses TeamMates powerful database architecture to allow you to quickly find the information you need and bring efficiencies to the documentation and review l important information such as program steps, issues, notes, sign-offs and.

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Part of your job as a staff associate in an auditing firm is to document your findings working in working papers also known as workpapers and schedules. Every workpaper has a unique page number showing its place in the audit file. The fundamental problem coming to light with an increasingly digital landscape is that key audit information is effectively turned into dark data. Be sure to select an encrypted version for better data security. Be concise, evidential files that support the primary audit documentation as necessary and never for primary audit documentation. There is a positive impact not only on the firm. I have personally seen and experienced the benefits that this transition has brought to the firm.

It mirrors the physical workflow of their firm.For example, V means that the item youre reviewing vouched (it reconciled without discrepancy) to the source document.To get started, simply reach out to your RKL advisor and he or she will provide directions on how to exchange information securely via LeapFile.

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Posted by OnCourse Staff September 25, 2012 10:30am.In an article by the, american Institute of CPAs, going electronic is the next frontier, stating that in terms of return on investment (ROI using electronic workpapers is the most important aspect of being paperless.We are at the dawn of a new era in audit technology.Is your audit intelligence trapped in the dark?