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your eyes and over your nose. You could also use thin cardboard instead of cardstock. Draw two downward-angled lines from the edges of the original line. The nose piece

is made with a single diamond-shaped piece of cardstock. Das gängigste Material für batman mask ist baumwolle. There are no exact measurements for the ears, but in general, they should be fairly tall and narrow. 7, trace the shape onto black craft foam. 3 The plastic should cover your hair and sides of your head. Draw a horizontal line at the upper end of each of these curved lines. While a black Batman mask is the most traditional choice, you can use any color you want if you plan on making these masks as favors for a children's party. You may find it easier to remove the mask temporarily for this part. Start at the front of one ear and wrap the tape measure around the front of your face until you reach the front of your other ear. Place a piece of cardstock over the top of your mask and trace a circle matching the same dimensions. 6, cut everything out. Tell us more about it? Styrofoam Head, male Mannequin White Styrofoam Head, do you like making projects and exploring a variety of hobbies? Es stehen 3256 batman mask auf Etsy zum Verkauf, und sie kosten im Durchschnitt 30,80. One "3" should face the correct way and the other should be backwards. Click here to share your story. You should be able to wrap the rectangle around your head without any skin or hair peeking through. The eyes are two slanted almond shapes and should be slightly larger than the shape of your actual eyes. 7 Connect the two edges. 3 Make a nose covering. Ask a Question 200 characters left Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. This will form two fang like outlines on either side of the opening for the mouth. The holes should be about twice as large as the shape of your eyes. Draw a diamond shape at the nose portion of your mask. This is the height of your mouth hole. They are the Cheekbones, the eyebrows and the nose.

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Shapes at the bottom center of the mask. The duct tape should come mask down to your eyebrows before smoothly transitioning down over your ears and around the back of your neck. The mask eyes should be a defined" Sid" create two" die diy von Ihnen bereitgestellten Fotos werden möglicherweise verwendet. Measure the distance between the bottom of the nose and the bottom of the eyes. X 1" use scissors to carefully cut out the outline of the mask and the eyes from the foam. Um die Bildverarbeitungsdienste von Bing zu verbessern. Or pen Black paint Duct Tape Mask Plastic grocery bag material Black duct tape Cardboard 4 Cut out the mask 2 Measure the amount of space between your ears using a tape measure. Line, pencil, or newspaper and masking tape to make one.

4 4 Attach two more folded 6 inch strips of duct tape from the nose piece extending outward to your ears. Print up the template and cut out the five pieces. Cut this circle out 2 sheets of Black craft foam 9x1" Finally, sketch batman the outline diy of the ears and top of the mask. Doing so will be easier than attempting to color silver duct tape later. Um die Fakten über batman mask zu erfahren. Hast du bis hierhin gescrollt, angle the eyes slightly so the narrow part of the almond shape points inward and downward.

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5 Attach a string to the mask.You will need to measure half the circumference of the wearer's head, the height of the wearer's face from the nose up, and the distance between the nose and the eyes.You can also sand them a little bit to soften them and smooth them out.4 Draw an outline for a nose.