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(BBC 2009). They demonstrated it by (Business communities 2009) the fact that it provides translation for non-UK applicants, both at the recruitment stage and during the induction process.

Furthermore ikea (Business communities 2009) continuously promotes cultural diversity through culture and development days. Many, if not all the advantages of diversity management will be successful if they get the backing of HR and the Senior Management. It is therefore important for all organisations to adopt diversity in order to stay competitive. This is a perfect example of diversity management in practice. Firstly they illustrated that mosaic is a strategic tool to map your own organisation against this vision and to identify priority areas for your diversity strategy. This suggests that by valuing diversity there will be a positive effect on the organisation as employees will bring their diverse knowledge into the organisation.e. Core legal obligation is not the way forward. Another reason why businesses only follow the minimum requirement is the lack the support from Senior Management. For managers and supervisors there are (Business communities 2009) mandatory workshops. As the increase in the customer base increase so will the financial rewards. This essay will attempt to research on what kinds of challenges will accompany with. Diversity can cover many issues such n5 business management past papers as educational background, lifestyle, ethnicity, age, disability and gender. However, the BBC are the opposite because the encourage and employee disabled workers. This indicates two points. This is because employees are required to learn about diversity so diversity becomes one of the top priorities within the organisation. This suggests that the age of employees working is on the increase. Form this statement it clearly indicates that HR are influential in the running of the organisation. Census Bureau project, 40.S. Then they realised that they could obtain creativity and harmony through diversity management. Globalisation is the cause of diversity trends, this is clearly monitored by the increase in the number of women and members of ethnic minority groups., Additionally, the age profile of the working population is changing, (Redman and Wilkinson (2001). Having a diverse work force is still important to this very day. Organisation will need to be careful of what they write on the job advert, according to an article written by business wings (2009) also agrees with my statement for example Avoid stating any requirements that are not directly related to the job such as the. This process consists of the staff being made aware of the companys diversities ethos during induction. According to Armstrong (2006) managing diversity is about ensuring all people maximize their potential and their contribution to the organization. Hence it has a major impact on the organisation. Tthis is similar to Kandola and Fullertons views on diversity management. The legislation ensures that all workers are not at a disadvantage and gives importance to those workers in order for them to compete with other applicants,.e. They are looking for talented employees and the best managers without paying too much attention on their heritage.

Racial and religious differences among employees and taught how to embrace those differences. T and Wilkinson, kleiner 2001 defined Diversity training is the process by which a work force is educated about cultural. Socioeconomic, in 1995, t and Wilkinson, according to Torrington, browaeys and. In which they mention a diverse organisation as being more flexible and open to new ideas by being more open to suggestions this will reflect on to the customers not only will they come.

The Term Paper on Cultural Diversity in Organizations.Management must ensure that the.What is management of diversity?

Ikea can relate to this statement. Redman and Wilkinson 2001 stated in their book Contemporary Human Resource Management the general principles of managing diversity. Managing these differences is today an important task in Human Ressource Management HRM and the direction boards of greater companies. They also have TV programmes underlining the importance of disability. Redman and Wilkinson 2001 implies that managing diversity refers to the systematic and planned commitment on the part of organisation to recruit and retain employees from diverse demographic backgrounds. For example, ikea is based all around the world. That one of the principles TO what. Evaluate how diversity management could have more impact within organisations. Meaning the ideas which revolves in the organisation is the combination of different cultures. S buying decision, how to influence the constituenyapos, believed that diversity improved algebra homework help online corporate culture.

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Seba cultuurmanagement (2004) shares a similar view believing that studies of diversity in organizations have shown that an exposure to diverse colleagues helps managers make better decisions.The BBC is good at increasing a diverse customer base due to their diversity policy.It is not only a legal issue because of anti-discrimination laws, it is most of all a market issue.