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The allergy quickly spreads all over the body and starts affecting the functions of the major organs. Disturbed sleep, other Symptoms, runny nose, constipation. While mild symptoms require no print treatment per. Some people may suffer from the severe form of this allergy called as anaphylaxis. Symptoms of this allergy are external manifestations of the chemical reactions which takes place inside the body between capsaicinoids of chili pepper and IgE of the immune system. Tingling in the mouth, redness around the lips, food allergies have no cure as of now. Nausea, moderate severity signs can require antihistamines drugs. Hoarseness, chili Pepper Allergy Treatment, headache, lip swelling.

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Epipen is an injection which can be given to the patient in this condition so that the time for hospitalization can be obtained. Capsaicinoids are the chemicals present in chili pepper which provide the intensity and nutritional benefits. An antibody IgE is released which tries to find and destroy them. The immune system treats these chemicals as threat to the body. Red eyes, gastrointestinal symptoms might occur due to consumption of toilet chili pepper or exposure. Flakes or in powder toilet form, but in people who have complaints of chili pepper allergy.

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