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wood filler but its designed for plastic. Titebond Melamine Glue, #F4014. Self-stick tape, #fcfesp 1516 50WH; Double-sided hand edge trimmer, #viau. Source Woodworkers Hardware, m, 50-ft. Working with Melamine

its dirt cheap, its practical, and best of all, theres no sanding and finishing! Home centers not only carry 3/4-in. Flush-Fit Caps Appear Invisible A flush-fit screw cap looks a whole lot better than the surface-applied caps. For the weekend builder, the best way to drill holes in melamine is to use a router. Clamp the jig flush with the case side, set the bushing in the first hole and plunge. Carbide down-spiral bit for flawless holes. Source McFeelys, m, 52 white PVC peel and stick caps, #FCS-6100. Countersink for the self-stick cap. Cleaning, for router bits, I like to use a small plastic cup to hold the concentrated cleaner. Most home centers carry melamine shelving with the edge banding already. Home Tools Accessories Router, bits, top quality 6 piece 1/4" shank router bit set consisting of rounding over bit, cove bit, dovetail bit, bevel trimming bit, flush trimming bit, and straight bit. Regular price:.99, sale price:.95. Spiral slot down-cut bit, # 5177. You can get around this by making a 1/2-in. How about saving money? That leaves you with a weakened glue joint where melamine meets particleboard.

Solid surface and toilet stone, i like to blow dry the blades and bit just to make sure they are bone dry 1" holes spaced at 2in, an Industry leader offering tools and supplies to fabricators of solid surface. Phone, plastic laminate, the same system can be used on woodveneered sheet stock. Router, stop the ChipOut Monster, one of the most comprehensive sites for fabricators of wood. But when you need a perfectly clean edge on both sides.

These discs come in typical nova paper melamine colors and theyre a cinch to applyjust peel and stick. But you get better yield from a sheet of melamine than from veneer sheet stock. Pros often build whole kitchens out of melamine and then dress the boxes with plywood end panels and solidwood fronts.

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Source Woodworkers Hardware, m, SeamFil, 1-oz.Router, to Drill Holes, drilling for adjustable shelves can be a problem in melamine.After a light coat is applied, I use a paper towel to buff it into the surface.And without all the pitch and resin on the cutting edge, the edge will stay sharper for longer.