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Geneva and the University of Edinburgh. The third step is to negotiate a contract or accord de co-tutelle with the student's two co-advisers. Do you need insurance for

each institution? All requirements, procedures and deadlines for each university continue to apply to students in this program. Originally a French concept which involved joint-supervision or co-tutelle (a term still used today, meaning indiscriminately double- or joint-PhD joint-PhDs are much more that a period of research abroad which could be achieved simply as a visiting PhD student phd in a host institution. Things to bear in mind, check what is included in the offer letter(s) for a joint-PhD: funding level (if any defined periods of time abroad, visa procedures. These agreements are complex and normally seen as long-term undertakings aimed at supporting research cooperation beyond the duration of one PhD. Most often you'll be competing with 'conventional' PhD applicants for funding and a number of studentships exclude joint-PhDs or do not carry extra funding for traveling costs. Joint-PhDs mean that you are fully registered in two universities, having to comply with admission requirements and assessment regulations at both institutions and that it will result either in two PhD degrees (double PhD) or one jointly-awarded PhD (one diploma with the two university logos). Are you prepared to leave friends and colleagues for varying periods of time? The second step is to secure the permission of one's French adviser, who is now being asked to serve as co-adviser of a dual PhD dissertation. So you've identified two supervisors in two separate institutions and this would hugely benefit the research project you have in mind. A student who fails to meet the requirements of his or her home university will not be eligible to receive a degree from the host university. Joint-PhDs are not an easy option and they will not suit all students. To make efficient use of his or her time at Northwestern, the student should carefully map out a plan of coursework in consultation with his or her Northwestern adviser. If you have questions questions that cannot be answered by the information contained in these pages, please contact the. Other schemes, for example the, universitas21 joint-PhD, will have all the admin in place but funding is not guaranteed and may be found through the departments you want to work with. Which assessment procedure will be imposed? Graduate School, which can be found on the Graduate School's website. Make sure you register at both institutions (even if you're told it doesn't really matter). University-University schemes, the most common type of joint-PhD, it involves institutions, which at university-level, have agreed to deliver jointly-awarded PhDs to co-supervised students, each recognising the quality of the other university. Although joint-PhD students have access to training opportunities in two universities, it does not necessarily mean that joint-PhDs are an easier way to secure funding.

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JointPhD arrangement equilibrium of your own making. Ll have to reflect carefully on how a jointPhD adds to your training and your research. Ll have to balance out straightforwardness and the freedom to design your own project. It is typical that a student enters into a dual PhD program after starting graduate school at paper MSU in their primary department. S progress toward his or her dissertation defense.

The, dual PhD / DBA Combined program merges both theoretical aspects of the.PhD along with the practical orientation of the DBA program to produce a more holistic approach to management scholarship.

Dual phd llc

Ll have to gain formal admission in both universities. They benefit doctoral research in the case. French doctoral students enrolled in a dual PhD program typically loose spend at least two years at Northwestern during which they take courses. Equipment or resources available in two universities. If you require one, french students interested in the dual PhD should proceed in the following fashion.

It also actually takes a particular type of person to do a joint-PhD and you'll have to be mobile, resilient as it may be difficult to feel part of a PhD cohort, able to discuss research with supervisors half way across the world, willing.There are few programmes which offer dedicated scholarships, for example.

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 The form required to apply for a dual PhD in cmse and a second subject can be found here.Be clear of what would happen if things went wrong in one or both institutions.Work in a range of industries such as the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, as well as non-profit organizations.The first step is to identify a Northwestern dissertation co-adviser in one of the participating departments, and to secure that adviser's agreement.