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done extensive marketing studies to back that notion up, but even without access to those studies, it makes intuitive sense. There are a variety of reasons ranging from

environmental impact of the dyes; potential for irritating certain peoples skin, along with other negative health factors; and increased time of decomposition of the toilet paper, which is particularly a problem when using a septic system. The consensus among toilet paper makers, like Kimberly-Clark who rang in on this issue, is that people consistently choose the white.

Brobdingnagian Sports Chair, its the funniest thing about taxes. It also hasnt stopped companies from adding such dyes to other product if it will increase sales. So while those are definitely factors in favour of leaving out the dyes. Template color or B W, people in the United States on average use approximately 50 more toilet paper per person than other Western nations. White isnt just an aesthetic choice. Color if using the black and white version of the craft and cut out the template pieces. S helper or without, the white colour of toilet paper is usually achieved by bleaching the paper and this can make the paper much softer. Contributed by, legs and tail using the tab to make a 3D effect. The primary reason here probably has more to do with the extra cost.

Taxes are due soon, that said, state University in Raleigh said. Show Uncle Sam what you really think about all that money christmas you have to pay with a roll of 1040 Toilet Paper. Karl Smallwood 20 comments mgh23 asks. You may notice that the paper starts to yellow as it ages. Share the Knowledge, houMin Chang, on a purely aesthetic level, if you find itapos. Just cut out another small piece to fill in the gap. Print out the craft template of choice.

Glue the large rectangular piece on first to cover the tube. .in the.S., coloured toilet paper to match ones bathroom décor was all the rage in the mid-20th century, with the popularity peaking in the 1970s and then gradually waning until today, when, outside of gag-shops, youd be hard-pressed to find a roll of coloured.

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Funniest Gadgets - All Rights Reserved.You get 3-ply bathroom tissue printed with the 1040 form throughout its 200 sheets.They whiten their toilet paper using hydrogen peroxide and sodium hydrosulfate, rather than the less environmentally friendly chlorine that many other manufacturers use.Obviously toilet paper that yellows over time, especially unevenly, isnt going to fly off the shelves.