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vinegar, wait until the area has dried. Depending on the severity of your scratches, you may want to apply polish after your paint but before you seal the areas.

Make sure it matches and blends well. 2, you can buy paint in a variety of finishes. In KNK Studio I designed the saying, saved it as a jpeg, imported it into Word and printed. Then, because I like that friend I decided to make another Pinterest project. Use medium pressure to evenly distribute the polish without harming the shoe. I used a 1212 piece of thin pylwood and stained. If you wear your shoes or boots before letting everything set and dry you could cause cracks and scratches to reopen. Before applying any paint or polish, test it on a small hidden area. Or, you may want to use both. 2 Polish your shoes with shoe polish. Community Q A Search Add New Question online aacsb schools phd programs accredited Ask a Question 200 characters left Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Once youve treated the scratches, clean up any other areas that may still be dirty or need some work. I found some scrapbook paper that had musical notes. 4 Spray and protect your shoes with waterproof spray. Apply the polish in a circular motion to spread it evenly over the area. Bending might cause the paint and Modge Podge to crack. I then designed the saying in KNK Studio and cut it from vinyl. The vinegar may cause the area to slightly swell. If you spray your shoes, do so in a ventilated area. You dont need a lot. Its best to use a different paint brush when applying the Modge Podge or Shoe Goo. 6 2, use a nail clipper to clip off any material that is sticking out or hanging off the shoe.

Does modge podge dry clear on paper: Express news e paper.com

I have had it where one color stuck perfect. You will now need your Modge Podge and or Shoe Goo. You should dab just a bit of sticker paint once the polish has dried to a more hidden area to test how the paint looks on your shoe.

Would it b easier if you cut off the excess paper use 1/2, water, modge podge when dry full mod podge as a seal.Tracey does a lot of Mod, podge projects.

4, using circular motions to spread it out evenly. Use gold a very light coat of Modge Podge or Shoe Goo and paint over the general area to seal. Or glossy Modge Podge, shoe Goo can be used to glue.

Let it sit for a minute.Using your small paintbrush, dip the tip into your container holding your paint.You can use it on a variety of crafting projects.

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The clear shoe polish will not affect any of your shoes color.You want to remove these loose bits so you can cover up the scratch and not just press the broken flecks down.Did this article help you?I didnt even waste time painting the canvas, I applied the modge podge to a bare canvas and let it dry.