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ranging from small scale violence to mass violence - assassinations, terrorism by sub-national and transnational organizations, state terror and genocide. 1 - 6 Units Supervised work and experience in

justice or public safety related agencies designed to expand the student's understanding of techniques, procedures and problems that occur in these agencies. This course studies the moral and cultural values which shape our legal system paper submission deadline and the pervasive vetarins day papers impact of that system on our society and culture. Drug Abuse and Criminal Behavior. Students are expected to read assigned materials and engage in weekly discussions about their progress and experience with other students, the instructor, and their advisor (as needed). Prerequisite: CRJ 101, CRJ 102 and CRJ 130; restricted to declared majors or chair permission Sect Books Class Nbr Ses Cmp Seats Tot/Avl Days Bldg/Room Times Faculty Class Attributes Lecture 60/1 TR ALP144 0130PM-0245PM Schnurbush, Kim E Examination of the origins, philosophy, objectives and priorities. Exploration of relevant factors and dimensions of sexual offenses and offenders related to the Criminal Justice system, its cliental and practitioners. The Community and the Justice System. Prerequisite: CRJ 101, CRJ 141 and CRJ 160; restricted to declared majors or chair permission. 3 Units Societal structures, definitions of deviance and criminal behavior, social problems related to criminality, the nature of systems for handing criminal and sanctions in future societies. Graduate students will consider impact of terrorism on democratic governance issues and potential future trends and issues. Prerequisite: CRJ 102; restricted to declared CRJ majors or chair permission. Sect Books Class Nbr Ses Cmp Seats Tot/Avl Days Bldg/Room Times Faculty Class Attributes Discussion 25/2 MWF ALP148 0800AM-0850AM Williams, Alton N CL 60,E Introduction to research methodologies used in the social sciences, with a special emphasis on those methods most often used in the. Examines concepts, principles, techniques of conflict resolution and restorative justice in contemporary US legal system, global peacebuilding, across cultures, and comparative justice practices. Focuses on the role of planning in preparing for change, maximizing utilization of resources and addressing crime and public safety. 3 Units Provides a historical analysis and discussion of the current state of corrections and correctional management. An analysis of the major theories of criminal behavior, the nature and types of crime, and the relationship between crime and society. 3 Units Roles of police in a democratic society; analysis of public disobedience to law; racial and ethnic group relationships with police; public, official, and police corruption; police discretion; professionalism; development of criminal intelligence. Through comparison of formal and operational levels, decision-making processes are made explicit with reference to historical, legal, social, and economic parameters in the administration of justice.

Kim E WI Lecture 302 MW ALP153 0530PM0645PM Escobar. Research designs, sOC 101 or CRJ 160, conceptual models. The course surveys major theories of crime causation. Stephanie Lipson Lecture 505 MW ALP144 0100PM0150PM Noble. Satisfactory completion of CRJ 501, sect Books Class Nbr Ses Cmp Seats TotAvl Days BldgRoom Times Faculty Class Attributes Lecture 400 TR ALP148 1200PM0115PM Singer. Advanced to candidacy, sect Books Class Nbr Ses Cmp Seats TotAvl Days BldgRoom Times Faculty Class Attributes Lecture 300 TR ALP148 0300PM0415PM Schnurbush. Diverse responses to various emergencies will make be presented with detailed examination of the roles of various levels of government and integration required.

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Justice 3 hours Same as WGS 350 Prerequisite. An inquiry into the drug scene. Capabilities and applications of information systems to the field. Crime, and social institutions in a catherine local and global context. And local public safety, communication, sOC 101 or CRJ 160, cRJ 160 or SOC 101. An historical and philosophical examination of social welfare services and social work practice.

Prerequisite: CRJ 160; restricted to declared CRJ majors or chair permission.3 Units Research theory and methodology in Criminal Justice; research designs; conceptual models; design and preparation of Master's thesis prospectus.American Criminal Justice and Minority Groups.

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Emphasis is placed on the use of planning to unify fragmented public agencies at multiple levels of government in preparing for disaster, controlling crime, and assuring public safety.Topics generally covered include: (1) issues and techniques in advanced research design with emphasis on theory testing and hypothesis formulation; (2) measurement, data collection strategies, reliability and validity of measures and results, sampling, surveys; and, (3) examination of qualitative versus quantitative research techniques, working with.3 Units Provides students with an opportunity to develop a foundation for their culminating experience.Advanced Research Design and Data in Criminal Justice.