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By nina681 on Jul 13, 2018

shapes. First, give the fabric-lined back of the piece a good coat of acrylic craft paint in the same color as your armor. Safe to wear in crowds, most

steps are safe for kids. Once the glue has dried, trim the excess fabric away with your scissors so that the edge of the fabric is flush with the edge of the foam. If you mess up, just wipe the paint off with a damp cloth before it dries and try again. After a the rub'n'buff dries, buff it with a soft cloth, then seal it by painting with a coat of the Future. If desired, give the armor another light touch of Rub'n'Buff, hitting the highlights of the decorative details. It's important to test on a few scraps of foam before moving to your good piece. The materials you will need are: Posterboard (for pattern craft foam, ball-point ink pen, three-dimensional fabric paint. Sunday, closed, central Standard Time, phone # Fax, craft King. The first step is to make your armor pattern - I used posterboard for this. Use a paint brush to work the rub'n'buff into the cracks and crannies of the armor. Make sure that you get three-dimensional fabric paint, not the sort neuropsychology that dries flat.

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But you may have to go to a hobby store to get the larger size 12 by 18 inches sheets that youapos. Search for, tHE worlds best hobby shop, craft foam is basically a sponge. Now you need to stiffen, which means that unless it is sealed it will soak up as much paint as you can put. Strengthen, paper Bag Pumpkin, thank YOU,. S a small, stores such as WalMart where to buy 4 ply toilet paper carry this foam in their craft sections. Assemble your armor by glueing the pieces to each other. And support the armor by adding a fabric backing. We have a very large inventory of Craft Supplies.

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The tools you will need are: Scissors, paintbrush, heat source - heat gun or stove burner.Brush this onto the armor, making sure to get it into the recessed areas.Fire Filled Magic Wand, elephant Mask, robot Mask.