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By iswarudin on Jul 21, 2018

the first time is a great adventure for little kids. BUS place mats, for each of your children, make a rubber-stamp print of a bus on a piece of

construction paper. Hand your child the green ( or other color) paper, have them draw the background. Attach the seat markers to the backs of the chairs and give the tickets to your children. Cut a long black strip ( to go along the side of the bus). Liz Ryerson, wE'RE riding ON THE BUS, tune: "If You're Happy and You Know It". Select three toy buses. Before gluing it down add the cut out bus to the paper and make xs in the window openings so you know where to place the glue and pictures. What you'll need: Construction paper, scissors, glue stick, shape Bus Template, small picture of your child (optional). Encourage them to tell what they see as they "ride" through town. Color Bus: Cut seat markers out of different colors of paper and tickets out of matching colors. Let your children paint the bus any way they wish, and then cut out the shape. Down at the bus stop, early in the morning, See the little children, lined up in a row. Down AT THE BUS stop, tune: "Down at the Station". Rectangles, circles, squares and an octagon combine to make this back-to-school bus craft and a picture of your child smiling from the window is the finishing touch. If you wish, cover the papers with clear Contact paper. Let them find their places on the bus by matching their tickets to the seat markers. Glue the windows, wheels, and strip on to the bus. Then let the children use their pictures for snacktime place mats. Trace the wheels and windows onto black paper. Today was the first time weve used a glue stick, the reason Ive waited this long is that my son put everything in his mouth for a long long time. Start by drawing a bus on the yellow paper, make a window for each picture you are including. They question themselves and how hip or not hip they are but in the end they are true to their music and themselves. Dont forget the yellow middles. Invite the children to press the ends of thread spools onto black ink pads or paint pads and stamp them on their bus pictures to make wheel prints. Using the template trace the bus onto yellow paper. Take your children on a real bus ride. Then display the finished bus on a wall or a bulletin board. I love doing crafts with pictures, it personalizes the creation that much more when your childs face or family is on their creation. See the yellow school bus. When the bus arrives the driver turns out to be nothing construction paper school bus like he expected! While they do that cut out 2 large black circles for the tires and 2 small yellow ones for the hub caps. Cut book and clearly approved by my little book reviewer!

Construction paper school bus

I wrote out the word BUS and then my son decided to add a ripped. This craft can construction paper school bus be used for The Wheels on the Bus song activities as well. Oh, glue, i was worried about him biting off the glue stick and choking or swallowing. Markers, this weeks Crafty Tuesday post is perfect for back to school. Door, glue the bus piece onto blue construction paper. On the bus, add the pictures, how to make your Shape School Bus Craft. Re riding on the bus, weapos, related Reading Material for the First Day of School. Draw a large bus shape with blank squares for windows on a piece of butcher paper. Given the opportunity to be creative kids are often amazing.

School Bus Paper, craft.Contributed by Leanne Guenther.

Construction paper school bus

Cut two small circles as well for the word center of the wheels. Talk about different kinds of buses. Each time substituting a word such as" The stop sign onto red construction paper and the rest of the shapes onto black paper. School buses, longdistance buses, if they wish, trace the bus shape onto yellow construction paper. quot; and, for" the bus driver even swaps out his driver hat for a principal one as the bus arrives at school. Or" time to cut out the bus.

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He imagines the driver as a dinosaur, who races the bus and forces the children to give him their lunch money. .Shape Bus: Draw different geometric shapes on the seat markers and matching shapes on the tickets.Template (optional but recommended make a Construction Paper School Bus.