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not there to fight. Blood Rubric, by the mid eighties the disease is seen more in the public eye as it begins to affect more and more people. The

absence of knowledge is also why this disease is so dangerous. There are still thousands of people throughout the nation that are unknowingly HIV positive. Although it should be common knowledge to everyone that the disease can not be transmitted through regular physical contact there are still many people ignorant to the facts of how the disease is spread. The fight against this disease has to start somewhere and the CDC is taking an amazing initiative throughout the United States. People need to realize how serious this epidemic is and understand that just because it is not happening aids research paper essays as drastically in the United States, people are dying in massive numbers. Some of these diseases were more catastrophic than others, however all are important to understanding how to prevent and prevail over these illnesses. It may be very good for an infected person to be able to discuss with someone any fears that they may have concerning the disease. More Essay Examples. HAP and all of the services it provides are funded by the state of Louisiana. The Center for aids Research(cfar program at the National Institutes of Health provides administration and shared research support to synergistically enhance and coordinate high quality aids research projects.( www. Aids Research Paper Essay or any similar topic specifically for you. Further than just knowledge about the disease, probably aids research paper essays the most proactive way to prevent the disease is to get tested. ARA is also responsible for the creation of rapid HIV test that provides results in twenty minutes rather than fourteen days. It is also thought that humans came in contract with the disease when hunting and eating the infected animal.

Aids research paper essays

It is contracted in ista 130 hw 3 bacteria cylinder several different ways. And slight memory loss, as infection progresses, yet every form results in a definitive demise. Although the disease may be transmitted through many bodily fluids it can not be transmitted through all bodily fluids such as tears or urine.

Aids Research Paper essaysWhat is aids and how is it spread?Around the world, aids has been a top killer for many people throughout the 20th century and is spread numerous ways.

Aids is aids the last stage in HIV and is brought on by a very badly damaged immune system. And because it had no cure. There are very rare cases of essays transmission among family members living together with no identifiable source of transmission. Sweat, an attorney that was fired from his law firm because he was infected with aids.

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At the time it was called gird, (gay-related immune deficiency.) (m, January 2011) due to all of the first outbreaks being found in gay males.Was reported in several gay, therefore causing the assumption that the disease was a gay disease.Once the transfer occurs, aids can cause fevers, rashes, seizures, severe diarrhea, vision loss, and even increases your susceptibility to cancer (WebMD).With a depleted immune system, several types of insignificant illnesses can quickly become serious.