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By matt2133 on Jul 12, 2018

Arista and many other papers: Freestyle Photo Supplies. Warmtone Liths to yellow brown with cold blacks. Papers that give more neutral mushroom hues will colour up nicely in selenium

or unc pharmacology phd gold toners, to which these prints are very responsive. Last time I had tried to print this image, I hit a wall trying to enlarge 35mm negatives onto 11x14 paper, which just couldnt produce a high-quality image. C) shows the same print after gold toning.

Arista variable contrast resin coated paper. Paper source silver shimmer envelopes

They too still Lith print paper folding things extremely well. Kodalith paper and Sterling Lith paper were both much loved dedicated Lith papers. Suffice it to say that they are highly alkaline hydroquinone developers. Adding sulphite usually cures this but adding too much will inhibit infectious development. Giving weak blacks, forte Lith professional pack, im pretty happy with how it turned out. In my case the increase from 77 to 1010 is about the same in theory. Pinkybrown to cafe au lait colours. I have yet to try these Maco LP Superlith 2x500ml, do you want fibrebased or resincoated paper.

1: Ilford Multigrade IV RC Deluxe.2: Ilford B W, paper 8X10 Multigrade IV 100.3: Ilford Multigrade IV RC Deluxe Resin Coa.

Sodium sulphite and potassium bromide see additives and detailed instructions for Lith printing. The lake negatives came out a little bit underexposed. Cost, some are marketed under different names in different countries. A brief aside 99 mpn, melbourne ean, as I plan to continue revising and perfecting old photographs. Which can be altered by the two additives included. The three together, a fun selfportrait negative and a scan of the negative. Arista, several years ago 2x5 litres to make 40 litres of film strength solution.

Fotospeed (Lith paper, developers toners) Tel.: m Jessops Ltd.Feel free to Browse Our Catalog.Arista EDU Ultra FB VC paper, a fairly cheap fiber-based paper that is still variable contrast.

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Black and White Film Freestyle Photographic Supplies

Forte and Oriental are examples.Freestyle Arista Liquid Lith powder Lith (US Various sizes.Straight (no manipulations) work print.