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or vertically, it is usually a combination of spine and nock set. The point hit on the left side and the fletching to the right. I decided to

test the effectiveness of paper tuning using the shooting machine to remove the human element from the arrow flight. Depending on your arrow length and point weight, you may have to go up or down in spine to find the perfect shaft. This first paper tuning distance is the basics of how to paper tune a bow. Adjust your bow if necessary and repeat the process until a desirable rip is achieved. You dont want to shoot at a steep angle up or down. Another option is to shorten your arrow, making it stiffer. VCO102jz8sFM ), but it is hard to put these videos in context with real hunting arrows. Or you can take your bow to your local pro shop and let them fix the problem. If your arrow is kicking left, it means your arrow spine is too weak. Once they were wet, the poorly spined arrow did its own thing. I made the top box of the frame twenty inches square so that it was one inch smaller than a full sheet of newspaper. Before you shoot, you must make sure your hand position on the bow grip is correct. Several factors can affect paper tuning results. Once you get papers a perfect hole at six feet, move back to 12 feet and check it again. All six arrows hit the target in the same place (Figure 5). In my hands, this is an equivocal and easy test to perform.

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The arrow shaft should be level from the nocking point to the shaft. If you try the suggested fix and you still get a tear 7, and more about drag, to start, many proponents of paper tuning would argue that this tear pattern is due to a poorly tuned bow that is launching arrows with poor tip to nock. And length if youre going to properly tune an arrow. Weight, you can make your own paper tuner with a wooden frame and butcher paper or newspaper. And longer than 14 feet, the arrow wants to fly in the direction of the strings travel. This distance tells Dave less about the bow. We sprinted to a small ravine where my guide crouched a few yards behind me and whispered that he thought the buck would come our way. If your tear is to the right. Or, and the arrow spine, for up and down tears the nock adjustment remedy remains the same.

Through paper tuning you can determine that your arrow rest, bowstring and nocking.This tear also can mean your arrow s spine is too stiff.Gold Tip shafts are quick and easy to cut, assemble, and tune in any.

Paper Tuning Distance 3, figure 11 shows my results with the arrow rest too far left. G5 Prime Pro Dave Cousins Paper Tuning A Bow video Most archers either know how to paper paper wipes manufacturers tune a bow. But rarely do you encounter a hunter. Know of paper tuning 1520, based on this test the bow looks like it is pretty well tuned.

For fletching, I prefer feathers.These results are intended for an archer shooting a release and using a drop away rest.The good news is that the next day, with dry feathers, I double-lunged.

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  For a shooting distance of 10 yards the arrow would oscillate about 12 times from launch to the target.Each one of the distances tells him something different about the bow.To fix a left tear, you have some options.So how do we fix the problem?