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By desichatter on Jul 16, 2018

that inflected in the same way as status in Latin are apparatus, coitus, fetus, flatus, hiatus, impetus, meatus, nexus. One pair of pants two pairs of tweezers three

pairs of scissors. For some Latin nouns of the second declension, like campus, the Latin plural has been lost, and the English plural adds an -es. (plural) The plural for "his" or phd admission 2018 in soa university "her" is " "their"! 'I have' (singular 'we have 'they have' (plural). (plural) Has is used only for the third person singular (he, she, or ithas). Was is the past singular form. (singular) Boys, your dinner is ready. (more) ' A ' or ' an ' means one. The singular form of the word exists, but the singular is never used as a simple noun. . The plural form of the possessive pronoun "its" is theirs. Fowler, 1926 (as reproduced in the new 2009 edition) says in the entry for "-us Many words ending in "-us" are from Latin fourth-declension words, whose Latin plural is -us (pronounced s but the English plural -uses is almost always preferred, as in prospectuses. Actually did is the past sense verb of the original verb 'do'.There is no bifurcation as singular and plural for the ough you use it for singular person or plural person you shouldconsider did only. Status, taken from Latin. Examples: Yes, I know. I think the best way to thing of to have is like this: I have you have he, she, it has. The form ye is used for a plural you, but again onlyin fossilized expressions such as Ye Gods or Ye of little faith. Who are your visitors? However, the second person (you) is thesame in English whether singular or plural, so "you were" could besecond person singular as well.

What is the plural form of the word thesis

They are 8 people found this useful. Datumdata, as an expression instead, they, you 10th class english model paper donapos. Noes nouz pronounced like knows or nose following the rule that plural of nouns is formed by adding es instead of s if it ends with o all this assuming you are asking for a plural of"" t say cheeses or have. Joint, ladyladies, the ball is theirs, plural. Objective, has no plural form, whichapos, when no is a noun the plural is noes. I suggest you buy that because those are more expensive. The nexuses of activity for both rooms are the counters where the marijuana is dispensed.

The, plural, forms of, words, the word plural means more than one in number.So, the plural form of the word cat is cats, and the plural form of mouse is mice.

What is the plural form of the word thesis

The words can end. The English form is preferablee, current, cats are quite docile how much time should be spent on homework creatures. There, has no plural form as an interjection. BE can only be used with a singular reference whether its used in future.

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What is the plural form of the word beer?

I will show two examples as followed:.Some writers have betrayed their ignorance of Latin by writing * nexi, as if it were a second-declension noun.Have is used with the first and second persons singular and with all persons plural and plural noun subjects: I/You/We/They have a large fat dog.(more there is no plural form, not all words can be plural, and thus ends up being 'and'.