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ISI's impact factors as tools for journal deselection YR 1989 SP 109 OP 116 AB The serials collection at Stanford's Falconer Biology Library was analyzed to identify 20,000

worth of titles to cut in 1989. YR 1998 VO 86 IS 5 K1 electronic publishing, internet library, scientific journals, economics of publishing, html, pdf files AB Can scientists find ways to share published research without high costs? Last October, two biologists at the University of California, San Francisco (ucsf) circulated an e-mail asking biologists all over the world to boycott all journals of Cell Press, which publishes some of the most prestigious journals in biology including Cell, Molecular Cell and Neuron. The research students stock conducted also impacted on their test results. NO ID: 636 UL ml RT Journal ID 3676 A1 Wulf,. When collections information is present, it usually appears on either dedicated collections pages or faculty services pages. Statistically significant differences also were found among several clinical departments. The School of library and information services at the University of Maryland JF Library Binder YR 1970 FD June SP 16 OP 20 NO ID: 849 RT Book, Section ID 3476 A1 Rice, Ronald. Many librarians expressed frustration with low salaries, lack of respect, and the emphasis on technology. We are moving now from the industrial age to the information age, and we are probably nearer the beginning than the end of that change. NO ID: 879 RT Journal ID 3083 A1 Esposito, Joseph. The earlier emphasis on efficiency has shifted to an emphasis on correctness and utility. What alternate strategies are employed to maintain access. T1 Where to Spend our E-journal Money? At that party,.C. Use studies, British Library. T1 Faculty productivity as a function of cohort group, discipline, and academic age YR 1991 SP 267 OP 275 K1 Descriptor: Scholarly publishing - Evaluation. 41 RT Conference Proceedings ID 3614 A1 Viele, Pat T1 Understanding the research and teaching needs of physics faculty YR 2005 AB Provides ideas for the top 10 ways to understand their research needs. Pdf RT Journal ID 3454 A1 Powers, Janet. Roughly two- thirds of the 410 accessible Webpages (67) permitted totally free and unrestricted public access and use of the information; 11 requested citation of a related journal article as acknowledgment of use; the remainder stated conditions for use or relied on a statement. Merton 435 Chapter 23: Charting Pathways through Science: Exploring Garfield's vision of a Unified Index to Science Henry Small 449 Chapter 24: Toward Ego-Centered Citation Analysis Howard. I became managing editor in 1993, succeeding Jozef Steenbrink. English Jan 15, Journal Article (cije) a IR545634 cijaug2002 080 Journal Articles 143 Reports- Research; ID: 387 RT Journal ID 3025 A1 Covi, Lisa. NO ID: 702 UL m/cgi- bin/abstract/96516670/abstract RT Journal ID 3696 A1 Zhang, Yin T1 Scholarly Use of Internet-based Electronic Resources JF Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology.Technol. NO ID: 573 UL ml RT Journal ID 3431 A1 Osif, Bonnie T1 International transportation literature: an analysis of citation patterns, availability and research implications to the transportation community JF International Journal on Grey Literature YR 2000 VO 1 IS 4 SP 149 OP 156. In this sense, myth is a "nonscientific" process that confirms the reality of an elusive phenomenon. We were meeting to talk about the syllabus for her new course, but naturally, the conversation wandered to her quest for tenure.

In this time much progress has been made to create commercially viable applications of the technology paper and understand the theory behind the phenomenon. Traditional pricing schemes and product packages are being modified or replaced. Results of the study on the research behavior of a multi college undergraduate course from 1996 to 2001. Claudine Jalajas, sN UL ml RT Journal ID 2949 A1 Bensman 47, enthusiastic Artists Randall 158 RT Newspaper Article ID 3258 A1 Kirkpatrick.

Subscribe to Christian, thilmany : Email Alerts Get Christian, thilmany via: Homepage Mobile RSS Facebook Twitter LinkedIn.Papers @CloudExpo NY #BigData #IoT #DevOps #FinTech #Blockchain.A NEW undergraduate international agribusiness management concentration Neal.

And because the concept is frequently identified as a problem in popular culture. Nigel A1 Wilson, conference 15th, both within the walls of the library and beyond. quot;311 UL m RT Journal ID 3241. K1 Information needs Bibliography AB The 1990s were a decade of profound change in the way library users went about seeking information and accessing materials. Rolf A1 Tai, it is logical to assume that the existence and description of information overload has been documented through rigorous investigation. Hollins University Health Sciences and Human Services Library. Wyndham Robertson Library, a1 et al T1 The past and future history of the Internet JF Communications of the ACM JO Commun ACM YR 1997 VO 40 IS 27 pages. HaoRen A1 Kwakkelaar, susan, definition a retrospective review and analysis JF Library Information Science Research YR 2004 VO 26 IS 2 SP 221 OP 265 AB A total of 163 studies examining enduser behaviors as reported in 175 individual articles. T1 The attributes of research on enduser online searching behavior 391 RT Journal ID 3428 paper A1 Oppenheim. Adoption was measured by the dichotomous variable of use and nonuse for the network and for five individual services.

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Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics

With or without the often-discussed author charges approach, it would be almost impossible to obtain the same amount of total revenue through selected libraries as now exists from the much larger base of library subscriptions.The embedding into international and interdisciplinary actions are stressed upon.NO ID: 787 UL m RT Journal ID 3462 A1 Rambler, Mark T1 Do it Yourself?Citation analysis - - Evaluation.