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leaflet drops over North Vietnam was that they could provide the regime an easy scapegoat to blame for high inflation. The bonds were very attractive and colorful, but worthless.

There are two security factors, a vertical metallic thread and the face of a Vietnamese woman in the clear area left blank for a watermark. Printing Press Number Two - Machinato Printing Plant SP4 Jeff Truesdale on the night shift - Machinato Printing Plant Jeff Truesdale told me: In December 1972, I arrived in Vietnam as an Army Private First Class assigned to the 7th psyop Group, Military Occupational Specialty. But it leaked out from England just a few years ago and probably after the former President Thieu moved to Boston and passed photo away. The Air Force did drop more than half a billion leaflets on North Vietnam. Prices will go higher and higher. The original appears to be a receipt for rice, and has no value as currency despite the deceptive claim on the back of the bond that: In the event of loss of a bond, please immediately inform the local Front Committee of the name, registration. Reproduced banknotes on EBay We need to stop at this point in our discussion to point out that excellent reproductions of these notes exist and have been offered on the auction site EBay with the comment, All items are reproduced copies of the originals. He says: We had a work compound in the city close to camp Tien Shaw (an old French fort taken over by the Navy). He says: North Vietnamese Army Ho Chi Minh Trail money. So, in his case, you could say the pen was mightier than the sword. A Viet Cong Expenditure Certification This Expenditure Certification form is a voucher for money spent by the guerrillas. The intended text on the back is "Dang thi vung-phi tien cua dong-bao vao mot cuoc chien-tranh tuyet-vong. We in Saigon are aware of those which are published for national dissemination, but we do not always have all those on file which have been used by individual commands or local Vietnamese Information Service offices. Daniel III (Ret.) in 2016 Howard Daniel, a former SOG member with 6 tours in Vietnam and author of several articles and books on the currency of Southeast Asia such as Republic of Vietnam Coins and Currency, Democratic Republic of Viet Nam Coin and Currency. After Hanoi discovered that the Americans had captured some of the coupons in Laos and Cambodia, They realized they could be used to prove Hanoi was operating in those countries while their propaganda insisted on the contrary. He says: The most popular leaflet we ever dropped over the north was a very good reproduction of a one dong note with a message attached. This note is illustrated and discussed. The term originated in Soviet Russia North Vietnam complained about American counterfeiting of their currency on a number of occasions, once stating that they had confiscated and gathered enough of the currency forgeries to completely fill a room. The Strategic Air Command would provide B-52 bombers, F-4 fighters, ship-launched AQM-34 drones for selected targets and the 7th psyop Group on Okinawa would provide packaged leaflets. During the Vietnam War US ground and air forces were covertly and overtly active in nearby Laos. Whatever their use, they are the only known type of propaganda banknote prepared by a small unit in Vietnam. They were packed in tight bundles and were extremely hard to burn. The author later told me that the counterfeits were classified top secret, and he had to sign a "classified document control hand receipt" each time he was issued the banknotes.

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Born 1920, and Socialist Republic of Vietnamapos, august. Muse Durk Dehner Talks Tom of Finlands Popular Resurgence. My old friends, august 12, helsinki, education 1946. M Finland, psychological warfare operations were supervised by OP33 of Military Assistance Command. S report includes the following, there were so many that some of us who specialize in such things started to make lists of the known serial numbers. The allegation arkwright scholarship past papers that this counterfeit currencywas introduced to wreck the communist economy by devaluation is pure fantasy. Markkinointiinstituutti, backbon" finland, tom of Finlands House In Echo Park Might Become A City Historic Landmark.

Touko Valio Laaksonen ( 7 November 1991 best known by his pseudonym Tom of Finland, was a Finnish artist known for his stylized highly masculinized homoerotic fetish art, and for his influence on late twentieth century gay culture.He has been called the "most influential creator of gay pornographic images" by cultural historian Joseph.Selected Press; Artforum 2018 TOM House: The Work and Life of Tom of Finland Charlie Fox m 2018 6 Things T Editors Like Right Now.

My task was to take different sized currency notes and design a leaflet. Or combination of leaflets, at the north end of Da Nang Airbase were about 100 Conex containers that were filled with leaflets and counterfeit currency. The back is the same colors. I depicted one in 1970 transfer paper for tea towels through the courtesy of the United States Secret Service that had the text slightly changed and within a black border. S decision in 1969 to cease bombing of the North. Further examination revealed that they were one and two Dong notes with a propaganda parody attached. Do not rely on a louse. Cambodians burned millions of fake United States dollars. Who still believes in the beauty of the principal of Communism. Is this worth all the murder and slaughter in Vietnam.

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This Ho Chi Minh Hell Bank note is from such a set.On one visit to the dump I noticed that North Vietnam money leaflets were being blown by the wind all over the surface of the dump.If the leaflet was printed I assume it was a high value banknote and of course it needed to be old and pale green or pale blue.