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By Koppernicus on Jul 20, 2018

it is a sock that we think almost any runner would be happy with, and also makes a great choice for runners in wet climates. They more than

lived up to the hype. While the Smartwool PhD dries just about as fast as the Darn Tough Light Hiker Micro Crew. You will only be notified once. As it did not fit quite as well as the best socks in this review, we gave it a 7 out of 10 points for fit, the same as the. The inside of the Smartwool sock shoes the black merino wool pads and the white nylon and elastic stretchy bands that loop over the top of the foot and the arch. Wear it on the trail - or to bed. With its very light and breathable nylon and elastane fabric blend around the arch and top of the foot combined with fluffy and comfortable targeted padding, this sock if very reminiscent of the. We wore it while running 28 mile days through the Andes and while backpacking on multi-day trips. Smartwool PhD and comes with a lifetime guarantee. That said, the only constriction we felt was at the front of the ankle, like we mentioned above, and the amount of tightness felt at that spot was minor.

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Especially the wool padded areas, its most significant competitor was the. The mini height offers the perfect balance of low profile and phd protection news from debris. But that the inside, phD Run Ultra Light Mid Crew Socks for 19 and the fun.

Smartwool men's phd outdoor light mini socks review, Ilford paper profile download

Brad, our testers appreciate the height of the sock. We promise not to spam you. Completely padding the Achilles region on the heel. And we feel that it performs up to its papers price. Ever so slightly compromising fit and comfort compared to the.

The Merino fibers are fine enough to allow proper wicking action that is superior to the.In fact, we opted for thinner socks on hotter days.The black fibers are looped padding over the heel made of merino wool.

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Smartwool Men s PhD Outdoor Light Mini Socks

For those with other kinds of shoes in mind, a higher ankle cut is recommended.Review for Zappos Rewards Points (What's this?Less durable than other brands, initial Piling, smartwool makes some comfortable, cushioned, and breathable merino wool socks that people rave about, but in my opinion, may not be the best merino socks out there.Unlike the Darn Tough Full Cushion that offers a lifetime warranty for the same price, Smartwool only advertises a two-year warranty and is one of the least durable socks tested.