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story of the gambling and the story of the suicide. Todays methods of second language acquisition (SLA) put emphasis on working with literature which offers a great range of

opportunities to familiarize a learner with a foreign language. Excerpt out of 13 pages - scroll top eBook for only.99, download immediately. Working with two stories means working with two different systems of causality. I In one of his notebooks, Chekhov recorded the following anecdote: A man in Monte Carlo goes to the casino, wins a million, returns home, commits suicide. These may list the characters, symbols, plot elements, similarities, differences, causes or effects you will discuss. Instead, choose words that emphasize your point, such as how a character's flaw causes his downfall or how a particular set of symbols illustrate the theme of the story. He, as an author of 19th-century literature and so to speak the creator of the modern short story, emphasizes that everything serves for the effect,.e. Introduction, the use of literature in the second language classroom can be legitimated in different ways. The secret story is constructed out of what is not said, out of implication and allusion. The 1001 Nights in The South, or the scar in The Form of the Sword) of the ambiguous substance that makes the microscopic narrative machinery of the story work. Unfortunately the advantage of using literature as learning material is miserably disregarded. The significance of literary texts in language teaching. It stimulates fantasy as well as creativity and in addition to that, literature confronts the reader with background information,.g. This is not a matter of a hidden meaning which depends on interpretation: the enigma is nothing other than a story which is told in an enigmatic way. The short story disposes of limited time and space dimensions. What is superfluous in one story is fundamental in the other. It encourages the learner to use the FL in speaking and writing.2 Furthermore, Nünning focuses on literary texts as a possibility to pick up the cultural aspect as an essential part in the language classroom. In Death and the Compass, Story Two is a deliberate construction of Scharlachs. 2 Ansgar Nünning, Text-Literatur-Kultur: Handlungs- und produktionsorientierter Literaturunterricht und Fremdverstehen, Englischunterricht. Borges would tell the visible story, the short story, in Chekhovs anecdote in accordance with the stereotypes (lightly parodied) of a tradition or a genre. Literature carries various important features which influence the reader. IV, near the beginning of Borgess Death and the Compass, a shopkeeper decides to publish a book. II, the classic short storyPoe, Quiroga narrates Story One (the tale of the gambling) in the foreground, and constructs Story Two (the tale of the suicide) in secret. Brain Parkinson and Helen Reid Thomas summarize. The instantaneous vision which makes us discover the unknown, not in a faraway terra incognita, but rather in the very heart of the immediate, said Rimbaud. Place the thesis at the end of the introductory paragraph of the analysis. Viii, kafka tells the secret story clearly and simply, and narrates the visible story stealthily, to the point of turning it into something enigmatic and dark. For this purpose different methods for the work with short stories are presented and critically examined. For this purpose there will first be a short discussion about the significance of literary texts in language teaching according to Ansgar Nünning, who claims that literature forms an essential part when learning a foreign language (FL). The field of literature, on only half story a page of the whole framework. Never saying that the man is going to commit suicide, but writing the story as if the reader already knew this.

This profane illumination has become the form of the short story. One of Hemingways foundational tales, narrow your focus to aspects of the story that fits the scope of the assignment. Read the ebook, the impact on the reader, the short story is one of the most common narrartives that is used in the language classroom. Thus 2 Why should short stories be used in ELT 2 1 Characteristics of the short story. The presented methods are divided into pre. The second part is what your argument 2 Why should short stories be used in ELT. The tale of the suicide would phd advisor has no funding be a story constructed out of duplicity and the condensation of a mans life into a single scene or act that would define his destiny. It enlarges the vocabulary and has positive influence on the language learning process.

Writing a Critical Analysis.To write an effective.Try to formulate a rough thesis statement (your claim ).

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In addition, add in the paper characte" differences" so, grin Verlag. quot; similar" offers the possibility for the examination of several problems. That word immediately alerts your reader to a two part statement. In order to attenuate or conceal list of dissertation topics in psychology the monotony of this secret story.

The short story is constructed so as to make appear artificially something that had been hidden.The aim of teaching literature should so to speak make the learner familiar with empathy and transfer of perspectives.

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A literary analysis of short stories allows writers to explain the basic elements of the story and make a deeper statement about the plot, characters, symbolism or theme.Dubliners, abandons the surprise ending and the closed structure; it works the tension between the two stories without ever resolving.The author, Borges, gets hold of this book for him so that he can educate himself.Borges recounts the manoeuvres of someone who is perversely building a secret plot with the materials of a visible story.