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By Артош on Jul 22, 2018

as he gets more comfortable with his handwriting, we can write some longer sentences. The dry erase lined board is one that I got at Target in their

1 bin last year. . Since you have to cut the sentence strip in half to print on it, I always store them in laminate envelopes if you want to see how to print on and laminate your envelopes, be sure to check out these tutorials). This would not only make them more durable, but would allow your child the ability to practice writing over top of the sentence strip pieces if needed. Stay connected to This Reading Mama so you dont miss a thing: Becky. Feel free to use this template to create products for personal and/or commercial use, on any platform (including TPT and Teachers Notebook). I think I even saw some at Target the other day. Write the names of areas of the classroom for identification purposes. Hes really into drawing balloons these days, so I let him have. . I know youve been awake ever since then just wondering what I didhehe. I pulled out the letters punctuation I needed for these three short sentences: I love you. This activity could also be a way to practice his sight words from his Word Wall. . I cut apart sentence strips into 1 1/2 inch pieces. . The poll was a landslide again and a record 75 votes! . Great for calendar headers, word walls, shelf labels, desk labels, and more! Now, for the tutorial, now what if you have a favorite font that you want to use? . Now I will forewarn you this will be as easy or as difficult as you make it! . Thanks for stopping by again this week! . His favorite way was by far the giant dry erase boards I have. If you want to change the font, it will be a bit more difficult. He could even form short sentences to practice punctuation as well! I placed all the letters on the floor and modeled with the sentence,. . Display on a SmartBoard and use SmartBoard markers to illustrate handwriting examples. Before I get into the nitty printable gritty here, I want to first say that ALuv is currently 5 1/2 years old. .

My mind started reeling, i wrote upper case white sulphite construction paper and lower case letters on the pieces. Dry erase marker adorns everything in his path. Let me know how it goes when you try it 3 of every lower case consonant written in black 4 of every lower case vowel red 2 of every upper case consonant black 3 of every upper case vowel red. Cut apart each dashed line strip.

Or, simply add your text andor graphics. Lets talk about how to change the font. Ever since I figured out staunton how to do this.

If you use the template as is (with the Comic Sans font it will be relatively easy. .Make your own 3" by 9" sentence strips with this handy Microsoft Word template.

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I called out one sentence at a time and he got to work.He really liked this activity and kept commenting on how his letters looked like a first grader had written them! .I picked the sentence strip letters, spelled the words, then wrote my letters/sentence on the dry erase board; showing him how I used the letters on the sentence strips as my guide to form my letters.