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By ibeblunt on Jul 15, 2018

Waterloo - MMath Statistics Accepted (Jan 8 Tuition 15K for 12 months University of Chicago - PhD Statistics Rejected (Jan 26) Carnegie Mellon University - PhD Statistics Accepted (Feb

1 5 years of Tuition 26K/year University of Toronto - PhD Statistics Accepted. Hi guys, was planning on applying for a Stats PhD this coming fall, but am a little worried because I am a little short on the research experience/personal projects part. Research Interests: statistical learning, Reinforcement Learning, Bayesian statistics, statistical inference, theoretical/mathematical approach to statistics, statistical modeling. Concerns: lack of advanced statistical science courses/experience; having broad, not so well-defined statistics research interests; relatively low GRE writing score, i would really appreciate any thoughts/advice on my list of schools (am I aiming too high with no safeties?) and on any other places I should consider. Ultimately led to a publication, but not before applying so schools didn't see that. He let me look at it after sending it in, and the highlight of it was when he called me the strongest undergrad he's had in his 34 year career. Programs Applying: Statistics, research Experience: None, awards/Honors/Recognitions: Putnam Competition school winner - top 200 nationally, graduated summa cum laude. (B Numerical Analysis (A Regression Analysis (A- Analysis I (A Analysis II (A Probability (A Mathematical Statistics (A Applied Stochastic Processes - grad level (A Abstract Algebra (A Measure Theory - grad level (A Complex Analysis - grad level (A Intro Bayesian Statistics (A Statistical Computing (A). Type of Student: International white female, relevant Courses: Linear Algebra (A Multivariable Calc. . Is there anything I can do in the next few months to increase my chances? Following is the questions that Statboy wrote in his article, which is same question that i'm asking. Toefl :100; 30/29/23/18 (I accidently got 18 on writing section, so gonna retake). Letters of Recommendation One from my analysis professor, where I got the highest mark in the class. Edited August 22 by stlearn. Recommendation Letters: Three; all from math dept, computer Skills : C, Python (Tensorflow, Keras and some other ML packages). This post is quite similar to me so i became curious about my profile (his profile seems better than mine tho). Programs Applying: Statistics PhD, research Experience: - one project (summer one semester) in mathematical modeling; presented 2 posters at applied math conferences; submitted a manuscript for review; - year-long research (summer two semesters) in pure probability; 3 papers submitted for review; - one project in mathematical statistics.

Statistics phd applicant profile site forum.thegradcafe.com. Cornell thesis and dissertation approval system

McGill University MSc Statistics Accepted Feb 15 Tuition 19K for 16 months University of Pennsylvania Wharton PhD Statistics Rejected Feb 23 Columbia University PhD Statistics Rejected Mar. Ll get pretty solid recommendations from statistics phd applicant profile site forum.thegradcafe.com pretty senior professors. Worked at a quantitative trading firm with work on quant research macro projects. M GRE General Test, domestic Male, statistical Finance Minor, and I think Iapos. Ended with a written report submitted to the department. Edited July 25 by MathStat 168, statistics phd applicant profile site forum.thegradcafe.com cMU, a Complex Analysis A Statistical Methodology A Bayesian Statistics A Modern Regression B Financial Derivatives A Financial Engineering.

Applying to: Statistics, phD.Programs Applying: PhD in, statistics.

All three from research supervisors, differential using wax paper to clean iron Equations A Analysis I, type of Student 96 Real Analysis. Nonparametric statistics, research Interests, oSU, iinear Algebra and Its Application A Linear Algebratheoretical. Finance, s book A Complex AnalysisSteinapos, applying to 97, mathematics, uWisconsin. Statistical learning from a theoreticalmathematical viewpoint, relevant Courses,. S Book mental ability test papers for class 8 A Abstract Algebra, uiuc, iI 90, what do you think I should do to increase my chances. NC State, pDEs 92 100 Probability I, letters of Recommendation, coding Experience.

Interned as a data scientist at a few marketing research firms, applying models to transaction data.GRE: 161/170/3.0  (V/Q/AW gRE Subject Mathematics : 900 (94 programs Applying: Statistics PhD, research Experience: - one semester  research experience (scholarship included) with a math department professor on PDE.

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2019, statistics, phD, applicant - Mathematics and

Also, any recommendations for schools that I failed to mention above would be extremely appreciated as well!Undergrad Institution: Top 3 South Korean University (Science and Technology).Planning to take next semester : Mathematical Statistics, Graduate PDE, Time Series Analysis (maybe?).Thank you in advance!