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upside down on a wooden drier. Pound the balls with wooden beater to make it finer. An economic assessment can be made based on the specifications of the process

derived from these studies. Rice straw is a lignocellulosic material abundantly available in wood short countries like China, India, Bangladesh, etc. Plastic or metal basin or any big container where the mold with mixed rice straw and water can be soaked until melted. Paper made from rice straw would need to be economically competitive rice straw paper factory with current sources.

The demand and consumption of paper has increased tremendously. These put high load on for our natural resources and force the industry to look for alternative raw material. Many studies revealed that during the process more than 500 chlorinated compounds are released that are highly toxic. Due to fast growth in population. A substantial effort was made to select the preferred integrated process for the production of dissolvinggrade pulp from rice straw.

Prospects of rice straw as a raw material for paper making.( 1)Avantha Centre for Industrial Research Development, Paper Mill Campus.Hot High Speed Fourdrinier Mesh Rice Straw Paper Making Machine.

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It appears that by modifying pulping procedures. The ash content of rice straw dissolving pulps is on the high side of this range. Strain the grounded fiber in a plates 50 mesh screen placed on top of a 100 mesh screen box decorative in running water faucet or hose. Sodium hydroxide to soften the rice straw during cooking. Make a solution of 20 grams alum in 10 centiliters boiled water 20 and add to the mesh. Low pulp crystallinity can be useful when a cellulose derivative is to be manufactured from a pulp. Squeeze the mash with both hands to remove the water and then place in a clean container. Separate carefully the screen from the formed paper. It should be possible to meet the ash specifications set for dissolving celluloses. Also, box with 100 inch screen for working the rice straw.

However, an unexpected color component of rice straw has been found which is resistant to the processing methods used.At present, and for some years to come, the United States can be supplied with paper from wood pulp in paper mills strategically located near pulpwood sources.

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(PDF) Feasibility of rice straw as a raw material for the production

Providing Extra Income for Farmers, encouraging and creating awareness on wastepaper collection, members.In the absence of a wooden drier, the produced paper can be pinned in cheese cloth and hang in cloth line to dry.Place the fine mesh in a basin and add water according to desired thickness of mesh.Rolling pin to remove water from the melted straw.

(PDF) Application of Rice-Straw as Raw Material for Production

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