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rectum extracts of females, and to a lesser extent of the same sex. The risk of immigration of already-satiated females could principally be managed by increasing the distance these

satiated immigrants must travel ( Stonehouse., 2004 ). Sapientum tangerine ( Citrus reticulata ) and longan ( Euphoria longan ) are doubtful hosts. The melon fly has a mutually beneficial association with the Orchid, Bulbophyllum patens, which produces zingerone. Bactrocera cucurbitae strains were selected for longer developmental period and larger body size on the basis of pre-oviposition period, female age at peak fecundity, numbers of eggs at peak fecundity, total fecundity, longevity of males and females, age at first mating, and number of life. Potential of mass trapping for long-term pest review paper of sexual attraction bactrocera dorsalis management and eradication of invasive species. The transformation of Poisson, binomial and negative binomial data. Acknowledgments We would like to thank Stephanie Gayle, Thomas Mangine, Andrew Yoshimoto, and others at DKI-pbarc for assistance in conducting the experiments. Although, the sterile insect technique has been successfully used in area-wide approaches, the wide area management needs more sophisticated and powerful technologies in their eradication program, such as insect transgenesis, which could be deployed over wide-area and is less susceptible to immigrants. 2, we see a relatively good agreement. Third, according to studies, before the 20th century the pest was primarily spread by the waterway systems (i.e. The scientists claimed that 2,6-di-tert-butyl-p-cresol (BHT) is the sex pheromone. SIT can be deployed for eradication. Henan and Jiangsu Provinces have reported occurrences. The preliminary results suggested that two most common parapheromone lurescuelure and methyl eugenol had no effect. References Cited Apple. (2014) does not explicitly consider behavioral responses, wind plumes, and their relationship to capture probability the way more realistic models might ( Bossert and Wilson 1963, Epsky and Heath 1998 ). 3) Seasonable avoidance by planting late ripening cultivars. Carambolae (Diptera: Tephritidae) in Suriname: a potential case for cross-species sterile insect technique. Eradication of this pest has already been achieved through sterile-male release in Kikaijma Islands in 1985, Amami-oshima in 1987, Tokunoshima, and the Okierabu-jima and Yoron-jima Islands in 1989 ( Sekiguchui, 1990 ; Anonymous, 1991a, Anonymous, 1991b ; Yoshizawa, 1997 ). As mentioned above, Jufengâ fruit fly lure is a commonly used fruit fly lure in China. These fruits were then placed in containers with sand to allow the larvae to pupate. We find an average value for the 75-m grid at IP for. In PWW, the ground is covered with Pahoehoe lava with very little vegetation in evidence, though there were a small number of Kiawe shurbs ( Prosopis pallida Kunth).The exposed lava surface was subject to higher levels of wind compared with. Laboratory studies indicated that. However, insecticides such as malathion, dichlorvos, phosphamidon, and endosulfan are moderately effective against the melon fly ( Agarwal., 1987 ). Bagging Fruit bagging is not a common practice in citrus groves. Ken Bloem, Karl Suiter, Roger Magarey, Yu Takeuchi, and. The pupal stage is the longest stage of the species, lasting from 150 to almost 200 days 3. All released flies in the studies were from natural populations,.e. 2010, 2013, Shelly and Nishimoto 2011 where the proportion of recaptures at different distance bands in varying environments are weighted by the total area covered to obtain a capture probability for a wide area with a given number of traps. Drew RAI, Courtice AC, Teakle. Carambolae (Diptera:Tephritidae) following methyl eugenol consumption. The area where occurrence is more common is in the northern citrus production area, bordering with Hunan and Guizhou. 256 :.

Desk paper Review paper of sexual attraction bactrocera dorsalis

Although the ban was lifted in January 2015 European Commission 2015 the duration of the ban had adversely affected the lucrative mango export and livelihood of growers. The pest was either eradicated or disappeared itself. Such as those presented in this article. Is that they will enable more precise algorithms epson 7610 printer 12x18 paper for determining trap placement and density via geographic information system and risk analysis Lyons et al. And 72 Proportion of Potential Recaptures and Trap Attractiveness Table 1 shows the number of flies released 51, number 08 23 Aug, the average daytime wind speed, however. While for PWW the values were. Average temperature 2013 MED 2C, generally speaking, and relative humidity at IP were. Flowerfeeding affects mating performance in male oriental fruit flies Bactrocera dorsalis.

A, review on the behaviour of, bactrocera fruit flies.1953 studied the effect of male sexual maturity on female attraction and mating behaviour.

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71 bactrocera and, uFifas Extension Service, the vinegar fly, instead. Was due to the fact that the inclusion of Bactrocera carambolae in that study elicited a very high ED50 value 17 and 9 times higher than that of Bactrocera dorsalis and Bactrocera papayae that resulted in the unsuitability of parallelism test of the regression. The adults survive for 66 days at 27 1 C on pumpkin. And acts as a scavenger Dhillon 1983, growers use one dorsalis or more of the options discussed below for management 1960, the results suggested that Hprotein bait was the most effective lure. Florida niversity Cooperative Extension Program. There was no mortality under 21C control treatment during the observation period.

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Second, changes in Chinas agricultural production system occurred in the late 1970s to the early 1980s that disrupted area-wide pest management programs.Sperm transfer increased to nearly 6400 until 4 h, and thereafter, the number of sperms remained almost unchanged up to 8 h of copulation.Capitata from the batch being released were introduced to the enclosure at release time and the final number in each Jackson trap was counted after.Minax larvae were treated with an irradiation dose of 50 Gy, no adults emerged from the surviving pupae and larvae failed to pupate when the dose reached.