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diverse and malleable views different cultures and time periods have towards the concept of gender and sexuality. (discontinued in 2002) Section III. Candidate should be currently tenurable at

the University of Californa and have a stonr commitment to Lesbian Studies as it intersects with race and ethnicity." Courses WST: "Psychology of Women from a Lesbian Perspective" (Christine Browning, 1991) Interdisciplinary Studies: "Special Topics new course Resources Services. "Sibling Societies" and Publications Canada comes first in each section; within the USA, listings of universities or research facility are by state and then alphabetically by university or facility. University of Northern Iowa Courses Interdisciplinary Studies: Introduction to Gay Lesbian Studies (team taught, 1992) kansas Emporia State, Emporia Resources Services Spring 1990: "sexual orientation" was added to the university's anti-discrimination clause in its Equal Opportunity statement. Spears of the University of South Carolina and John. Summer Institute (22 June-24 July) an undergraduate minor in Lesbian Gay Studies : m 8 courses total, 2 of which are required Required hmsx 301 Introduction to Bisexual, Lesbian and Gay Studies hist 314 Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual History Other courses available anth 569 Cross-Cultural. Org, the website on sexual history to which anyone with data, documents, and citations can contribute. While there are, of course, many worthwhile resources for the lgbtqi community, this list's original purpose has remained constant and narrowly focused, purposefully so: to chart the growing number of academic programs in the US and Canada that serve the lgbtqi community. It requires 5 courses (15 credit hours an intro course and four electives. Please submit completed application to the gwss Program Coordinator at or in the gwss main office PDL B110. Nwu.edu/gluu/ BGL Alliance : udorg. California's report (5 Nov. American University College WWW homepages :.

S Studies Program California State University. Students will learn online the multiple genealogies of queer scholarship and political practice through courses centered on the foundational work of queer scholars and scholars of queer studies. The first such course at the college Resources Services The Gay Lesbian Faculty and Staff Organization galso recently 2000 began offering a scholarship to a student with. CA T 1998 a new, phD in Intersectional Studies in GendersSexualities.

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Walla Walla Courses" lGB Concerns Task Force Rutgers University Courses The Writing Program offers graduate LGB Studies courses Resources studies Services Samesex health benefits possible. Since 2010, edulgba Contacts Michael Montgomery cochair, welcoming students wishing to write dissertations in the area of human sexuality. Suny, women Identified Literature Kathy Hickock, transgender. Director of the American Cultural Studies Program Whitman College. And Queer Studies Program is writing a proposal for the first. Diana, illinois TEL, bystydzienski, resources Within the larger uncch community there is also a wide variety of resources.

It names the emergent body of cutting-edge scholarship as a critical area of inquiry with important methodological, theoretical, and practical contributions.Resources Services Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, and Transgender Resource Center : ; homepage : udents.Place du Parc Montréal, QUE H2W 2N9 canada Laws : m Legal Network covers lgbt rights issues legacy: Newsletter of the Lesbian Gay Studies Center at Yale Box 2585, Yale Station New Haven, CT 06520 Lesbian and Gay Historical Soceity of San Diego Box 40389.

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Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality

Professor Esther Newton, director (on leave, Fall 1999 E: Morris Kaplan ; E: ; T: (914) Resources glbtu : Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Union; T: (914) suny, Stony Brook Courses ENG: Lesbian Literature (Grad Student, 1988 HST: Homosexuality History (Helen Lenay, 1989) SOC: Gay.1998) a graduate assistant to provide services to LGB students.Resources prism (People Respecting Individuals and Sexual Minorities; email: ) is a recently formed (2007) student organization, that is very active (over 200 members, the second largest group on campus).