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complete the fifth and final ezic task. Allowing ezic to destroy the wall unscathed will unlock Ending. The messenger will provide the inspector with a silver key, which unlocks

the sniper rifle in the gun case. Beginning on Day 8, the inspector encounters an agent of the mysterious Order of the ezic Star. How do I use the powder? This time, the value has doubled, and the agent will give the inspector 2000 credits. The inspector will receive a citation, as Marie does not have a valid ID card. Regardless of the player's decision, ezic plays a large role in the. Keeping the money will result in the confiscation of the inspector's savings. Allowing an agent to destroy the booth will result in instant death, while allowing ezic to destroy the wall will unlock Ending. Failure to escape or end the game on this day will allow. Refer to the rulebook. The back of the card reads "Corman Drex." Watch out for Corman's name on a passport; the character is randomly generated each playthrough. Day 31, welcome to the penultimate day of the. If you have completed at least four of the five ezic tasks, an ezic messenger will appear today to let the inspector know that the Order plans to attack the border checkpoint today. . Papers, Please isn't an exception. Tranquilizing him will end the game and unlock Ending. Holders of diplomatic authorization are not required to have. If the inspector doesn't pass along the ezic messenger's card to Corman Drex on Day 8, Corman will return on Day 9 and refuse to leave the window until the card has been handed over. Common problems: Paperwork is missing: Theres always a rule for this. When the ID cards start showing up, dont forget to check height against the back wall and weight against the tiny scales readout next to your rulebook. This money is automatically accepted; players who do not wish to accept the ezic gift must uncheck it on the budget screen at the end of the day, which will cause the inspector to burn the cash. Touching the powder will instantly kill the inspector. Day 14, stepheni Graire will appear on Day 14, so be ready. . The inspector must use the decoder on each passport to find Marie Escalli, the third ezic operative; Marie's passport will read E-Z-I-C when the player uses the decoder. Diplomat's name, passport number, valid diplomatic seal, issuing country must match the nationality of the entrant's passport. A diplomatic authorization is a document required from foreign diplomats entering, arstotzka. The clock only starts when you click on the loudspeaker, so prepare your desk before opening for business.

And if the cool christmas crafts to make with paper inspector has completed at least four ezic tasks. When I start a new day and when a new person presents their documents and is talking. An ezic messenger appears with a second decoder and a message to allow another Order operative entrance to Arstotzka. If the inspector accepted the ezic gift on either Day 11 or Day 12 and denies this operative entrance to Arstotzka. You simply wont yet have the tools to find problems. Antegrian diplomat, the guide to ezic tasks, fighting. The game will end on Day. Advertising, my games gets really bad lag I have to just stop for 30seconds.

Ignoring the man in red will allow the playerapos. S window with invalid documentation, eZIC operant Mikhail Saratov appears at the inspectorapos. Iapos, odu please General Discussions Topic Details, hey. Here are some tips to get you through those difficult first days on the job.

Theyll be important eventually.Day 20, the ezic messenger gives the inspector a packet of poison for Khaled Istom.Allowing Marie to enter completes the third ezic task.

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ID supplement, entry permit or access permit.The five ezic tasks are central to the 32-day narrative of Papers comma; Please period; Here's your guide to completing them period; No self-respecting Soviet-inspired game would be without its fair share of espionage and intrigue, and.Let me know in the comments if you know what to do here.