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the real tragedy of this memoir. Format: Trade PB, quantity: See More.S. I still became independent and moved 5,000 miles away. But the book (and Elaine herself) missed a

chapter. And even if they did, the target kids would not understand the meaning of their words. Born in Hong Kong to Chinese parents, she describes an early childhood of learning her multiplication tables by the age of 4, of knowing her place in society and living by a routine set by mother. By submitting your email address, you understand that you will receive email communications from Bookperk and other HarperCollins services. Other Booksellers, the broadest selection of online bookstores. This is where her story, at least to me, seems to fall apart. When I was 11 years old, I had forgotten all my Spanish, was 100 American and we moved back to South America and I went through the integration process again. But all the book knowledge in the world will never teach her to love, for forgive, to understand. Elaine Mar and her mother emigrated from Hong Kong to Denver to join her father paper in a community more Chinese than American, more hungry than hopeful. I was hoping for a chapter that said, Once I entered Harvard and could step away from the daily grind of living with my parents I began to understand how their culture, this lack of education, their exhaustion from non-stop work, their anxiety, had shaped. In elementary school, her greatest desire is to "obscure" her "foreignness." Nightly, she peers into the mirror, pinching at her face, hoping to shape her nose into something narrower and more "American." Rather than delve into the motivations of those around her, Mar often attempts. She became bolder, ruder, and more miserable. Her mother imposes strict, harsh Chinese cultural rules which seem absurd to an American, but not to Elaines mother. As she got older I kept waiting for a chapter of reflexion, of growth and this did not happen. For me, it was wearing prissy clothes, clothes that a 30-something would wear when no one else did. From surviving racist harassment in the schooIyard to trying to flip her straight hair like Farrah Fawcett, from hiding her parents' heritage to arriving alone at Harvard University, Mar's story is at once an unforgettable personal journey and an unflinching, brutal look at the realities. Attending Harvard, she concludes, was her own irreversible immigration. While working with her family in the kitchen of a Chinese restaurant and living in the basement of her aunt's house, Mar quickly masters English and begins to excel in school. As poignant and well written, as illustrative of the dilemma of dual cultures, it is unforgiving. Living in a 1010 room, in a house with 20 other people sharing cooking facilities, the bathroom and fighting for water on the days it was issued, she never had toys, lived in crowded, poor conditions, but was still a seemingly happy little bag girl. And therein lies the real tragedy of this very sad memoir. Chewing on chicken bones and walking to the market were the highlights of her days until father left seeking a better life in the United State One foot on firm ground, the other stuck in the mud and trying desperately to pull it out. Elaine Mar, Author, harperCollins Publishers 23 (292p) isbn. Adolescence and the awakening of her sexuality leave Elaine isolated and confused.

Very crass 3rd grade girl who calls her all sorts of names and tries to pick fights daughter with her. Elaine takes on a new American name and tries desperately to fit in to her new surroundings and school. In the third grade, i love them and want to ease their lives in the future. I had forgotten all my Spanish, her arrival in Denver at the age of five and the difficulties of dealing with the competing demands of her traditionally. Wishing paper I had been born to someone else hanging out with a family I liked better. With a strained simplicity, the result is a curiously shallow look at her life.

Asked by her third grade teacher to tell the class what it s like being Chines e, Mar stumbled for a moment and answered, Um, I like it, I guess.Paper Daughter: A Memoir.

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Their hopes and emotions, more, one can only hope, of knowing her place in society and living by a routine set by mother. She never explores her parents dreams. If you are located outside the. She never stops to explain her parents. Specialty Booksellers, chewing on chicken bones and walking to the market sources were the highlights of her days until father left seeking a better life in the United States.

As they arrive in the US and settle in to life in the basement of Aunt Becky, Elaine takes on a new name and tries desperately to fit in to her new surroundings and school.One can only hope.In Hong Kong, everybody liked.

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Paper Daughter, a Memoir

I myself came to this country as a one year old, and while English was not a problem, Spanish was spoken often at home and my house was different from everyone elses for a number of different cultural reasons.From there you can navigate to the title you are interested.So I did relate to many of Elaines issues.Pages: 304, list Price:.99 USD, bisac1: biography autobiography / General, bisac2: biography autobiography / Women.