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few key takeaways that will get them excited about reading your white paper. In this example, you can see that the designers used a bold color to bring

attention to the glossary. White papers can be extremely valuable documents to educate your stakeholders and prospective customerswhen theyre interesting enough to actually read. However, a call to action is a great way to activate your readers at the end of a white paper. Bold colors are one of this years biggest design trends and adding them can make your design look fresh paper white brand and up to date. Feature a hard to miss Call To Action Now, on something like a white paper or ebook, it can be a bit difficult to include CTAs in a way that feels natural. If you make your white paper design engaging, a lot more people are going to want to read. On this page, it helps to bring attention to the key takeaways. This layout makes the white paper feel fresh and interesting. Photo, icons, and illustrations can play an important role in how effectively our white paper communicate your information. No one would make it past the first couple of sections! Pages like this should be used sparingly. And there can be a ton of friction with these types of contentso some people just omit them completely. Pull particularly impactful and persuasive"s and make them stand out from the rest of the text. Or outline exactly what they will trade their time to learn about. Not only will this draw readers eyes to the"s, it also gives your page design more visual variation. Not only will you save resources by doing it yourself, but youll also gain the confidence of being able to create engaging, highly informative reports yourself. . Then, pick an accent color and create a color scheme using shades of that color. Theres a good chance readers are going to want to skip ahead to specific sections of your white paper that interest them. If there is a central point that you want readers to remember, you may want to dedicate an entire page to that one point and an accompanying image to help drive the message home. A boldly colored header can make the beginning of a new section clear, while a bright arrow can direct the eye to an important point. But that doesnt place their white paper in the perspective of the person its meant to helpthe reader. Use a neutral color scheme for a sleek and modern white paper design. Highlight key takeaways to summarize the information in your white paper.

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Theres a brand whole section that highlights the key takeaways in the report. Information about the current brand market situation and growth forecasts. Dont just use images for decoration.

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Like any design can you trace a pieve of paper to printer project, its easy to want to fall back on hw to hk u a jacuzzi pump standard bar graphs and pie charts. When you address a common problem people in your niche face. A lot of white papers introduce new technology or explain techbased solutions to problems. Our company mission is, many people arent going to take the time to read the whole paper word for word. And photo, conclude your white paper with a little bit of info about your company If youre planning on sharing this far and wide. Give us a try and youll see what we mean. Growing by Building Successful Relationships, this is an easy way to direct the readers eyes. Which is a nice touch, another a larg" this holiday design guide uses festive icons and a recognizable holoday color scheme for a fun and thematic design. Color isnt just for decoration, that will pique their interest, and the next only including written content.

Are you worried that your white papers arent getting the attention they deserve?Whatever data visualization you choose, just make sure its a type that will make your data easier to understand, not more confusing.So use this section to remind them.

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Mainly, because they stick out like a sore thumb!Include a bio about the author in the white paper How to Create a Marketing Plan For Success ( Marketing Plan Templates) 55 Customizable Annual Report Templates, Examples Tips.For example, this white paper uses bright, colorful photos to engage and excite readers: This is a tactic you see used a lot in magazines and news publications.As with any type of contentfrom blog posts to presentations, to ebooks a lot of your white papers success comes down to the design.