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weekend when The New York Times reported that the millionaire had paid Olmerts one-night hotel bill of 4,700 during a trip to Washington in 2005. Zaken is likely to

be offered the chance to turn state witness to break her silence. Then pack it up in boxes, head for the next time around. But, according to leaks from investigators, the prime ministers account of the allegations he faces is a smokescreen. In one of his first decisions in office, the current incumbent, Menachem Mazuz, closed the so-called Greek island affair against Olmert, accepting his claim that his officials took decisions without his knowledge. Olmerts predecessor, Ariel Sharon, faced a series of corruption scandals too but was never indicted by the attorney-general. So far Olmerts Kadima Party has stood behind him. He is also suspected of having given out patronage jobs while trade and industry minister, and having interfered as finance minister in the privatisation of Bank Leumi on behalf of a tycoon friend. I've got no roots, i've got no roots, i've got no roots, but my home, was never on the ground. A thousand times, chorus, paper i've got no roots, but my home, was never on the ground. Verse 1, i build a home and wait for, someone to tear it down. In turn Messer says he transferred it to Zaken. The gag order, it was widely assumed, had been imposed to avoid dampening the national mood as Independence Day approached. He did, however, promise to resign should he be indicted. He is also in no hurry to force an election and take on the popular leader of Likud, Binyamin Netanyahu. While the State Prosecution Service, which is independent, prepares cases, the decision to indict rests with the attorney-general, who works for the government. She must either account for the money, or Messer and Olmerts stories crumble. Barak, himself subject to campaign funding investigations during his premiership, is unlikely to bring Olmert down on this issue. According to investigators, Olmert is suspected of taking cash bribes worth hundreds of thousands of dollars from an American Jewish businessman, Moshe Talansky, over at least a decade, both as mayor of Jerusalem and as trade and industry minister in Ariel Sharons government.

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And a thousand times codesria small grants for thesis writing Iapos, ve got no roots But my home. Cause, ask me where I come from. However, ve, was never on the ground Iapos. Though he thought he was providing campaign contributions for the 2006 election. He was questioned by the police a fortnight ago.

Crooked at the top.An Israeli judge had slapped a sweeping order to prevent the Israeli media from repeating reports published in American newspapers that Olmert was becoming rapidly ensnared in a corruption scandal.

I never took a penny for myself. With the festivities over, the order was partially lifted and paper Olmert hastily held a press conference at which he davao denied the allegations. He may have a harder time riding out the storm. I like standing still for, sharons survival strategy was to persuade Israelis that he was indispensable to supposed peace initiatives such as the Gaza disengagement.

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It is still unclear how quickly the case will be resolved either way.In the absence of any evidence of what happened to the money, Olmerts hopes now rest on the shoulders of his two closest advisers and fellow suspects: his former law partner, Uri Messer, and his personal assistant, Shula Zaken.Olmert himself has sought to create the impression that the investigation is solely into the role Talansky played in providing financial support for his election campaigns to win the Jerusalem mayoralty in 1999 and a Likud primary in 2002.