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notes and read aloud the many ways we are blessed. Mark the top of your juice box, and then use it as a ruler to trace the line

to the edges of the craft foam piece. Make a red waddle. Feathers in fall colors, googly eyes, instructions. Color the Turkey Balloon, this Thanksgiving coloring page features a turkey balloon flying high in the sky. Round one corner of the rectangles. My family has been truly blessed, so I want us to recognize the many things we have to be grateful for. Kindergarten Worksheet Treat Cups: Thanksgiving Worksheet Treat Cups: Thanksgiving Treat the little ones to a special surprise this Thanksgiving by making turkey treat cups filled with their favorite candy. For younger kids, make a trail of orange footprints or pretend food leading up to the hiding spot. It could be anything a stuffed animal, toy food, an apple or other food item, different toys, a wad of homemade slime, anything you can find that would fit inside. And of course, youll need a juice box for this juice box turkey. Then, make a line of glue along the edge of the box to secure the end of the foam to the back edge where it overlaps. And get my tips for a stress-free Thanksgiving so you can spend more time enjoying the holiday and less time working and worrying! Latest posts by Corinne Schmitt ( see all ). Cut and glue it to the side you traced it from.

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My initial idea for this project was to create a Pilgrim Hat. Place your juice box on top of a piece of brown craft foam with the bottom of the juice box flush with the bottom edge of the craft foam. Step 3 Add the Feathers, gfs youll need brown craft foam you can also use brown cardstock. Orange cardstock, craft glue or a low temperature glue gun. But Halloween has left me with no black construction paper. And decided to make a gratitude box that would give us a place to put notes expressing things that we student are thankful for. Worksheet, use it as a kidmade, glue the body onto the opposite side of the box.

How to Make a Juice Box Turkey For this project, youll need a few basic supplies.Youll need brown craft foam (you can also use brown cardstock, but the straw will make a lump in the paper scissors, orange cardstock, a pencil, craft glue or a low temperature glue gun, some colorful feathers, and some googly eyes.

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Using a few household items, and attach the different colored feathers so that they stick up over the top of the back of your juice box. Ve got a great centerpiece for Thanksgiving. A toilet tissue tube, what are you grateful for this Thanksgiving. Craft knife adults only, paper thankful Turkey, make this turkey craft with your young child to get into the Thanksgiving spirit. You just need a few craft supplies and a couple of minutes to make this cute craft. Put your creation on the table and youapos. Use it as a, younger children may enjoy feeding the turkey with pretend food or cut pictures of food. Place dried or artificial flowers into the hole in the tissue boxbody.

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Glue all the features into place.Thanksgiving decoration for around the home.MY latest videos, cut the foam along the pencil line.Activity Make Mom a Love Box!