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location closest to you. White paper is recycled into more white paper. Glass We accept brown, green, clear, and blue glass bottles and containers. Fluorescent Light Tubes Fluorescent light

tubes are collected inside the office and are taken to the household hazardous waste facility at the landfill. Oversized plastics such as lawn chairs and bins are stored separately. Ink Cartridges Collected just inside the office door. We have a collection bucket inside the office, which is taken to the household hazardous materials collection at the Summit County landfill. Please ask an employee where to drop them. Used to power biodiesel vehicles. We charge 10 or more for TVs over 21 and 15 for TVs over. They are distributed to women in need. They are de-manufacturing to reclaim recyclable materials and disposes of hazardous materials such as lead, cadmium, and mercury. We have a white super sack just for aluminum cans located between the glass bins and the mixed metal bin, on the east side of the parking lot. We DO NOT accept window panes, mirrors, ceramics, or pyrex for recycling. If its too stiff to crush with one hand, its steel and goes in the mixed metal bin. We collect these separately becuase they can be recycled into more #2 translucent containers. Corks, cDs/DVDs, cell Phones and iPods, cFL Light Bulbs, contact Lenses/Packaging (including blister packs and top foil). Click here for more info (e-waste_disposal page) We accept many electronics for recycling, including TVs, computers, printers, scanners, fax machines, phones, vaccuums, microwaves and stereo and video equipment. Glass: Brown, Clear, Green, Blue, household Grease (Summer only ink Cartridges. Our collection bins are sorted by brown, clear and green paper shredding services salt lake city together, and blue. EPS Styrofoam We can only accept clean packing foam. Click here to go back to the top. Drop-off Instructions.) Bring your documents to one of our drop-off locations. Please crush your cans before recycling! After hours, drop all batteries in the bucket just outside the door and we will sort them. Tyvek Envelopes, windows, other services and collections: Click here to view our 2017 Guide to Responsible Recycling in Summit County. Please remove them from any casing and recycle accordingly. Styrofoam food containers labeled with a PS #6 are not collected at this facility. Please remove paper and cds first. At Recycle Utah, we sort our plastics into 5 categories for more effective recycling. Hint 1: If you can crush the can with one hand, its aluminum.

4, labels are ok to leave, and individuals. This paper may be shredded, drop just inside the office door paper shredding services salt lake city 6, click on the material for more paper shredding services salt lake city information regarding what is acceptable and when. Please consult staff before throwing into bin.

Jul 31, 2018 All use industry best business practices to certify and authenticate that your materials have been properly destroyed.The first step is for one of our professionals to gather up all the paper to be shredded and put into one of our secured shredding carts.American Shredding American Shredding provides plant based shredding as well as secure onsite mobile paper shredding and hard drive shredding service.

Try the rip test is youre not sure. Floss containers, and corks and recycle in the buckets provided. Drop off inside the office, skisSnowboardsPoles Winter Only thermometers and Thermostats. Cardboard is baled on sight as well as compacted. E factas, red Flag Rules, gLB, please do not to put things that are coated in plastic into the paper bins. For quantities tissue larger than 250 lbs 17, pallets Summer only resolution must be in good condition hitech, recycle Utah accepts all major recyclables as well as many hardtorecycle items.

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Eye Glasses Eye glasses are collected for the Lions Club in a small wooden box just inside the office door, beneath the battery buckets.American Shredding: Paper and Hard Drives Shredding).If your cords are no longer functioning, they can go in with the electronic waste.Batteries We accept ANY kind of battery.