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By egold2 on Jul 19, 2018

gallery 3, paste paper gallery 4, paste paper gallery. Dont ruin your good brushesget cheap ones for the dirty work. Each ArtWork is an original piece of art, matted

and suitable for framing. Colored flip papers show through the paste and are also very pretty. Paper towels (especially if youre a messy worker). Tools, paste paper is essentially glorified finger painting, and this is where creativity comes. Inspiration for the designs come from a love of repeated patterns in nature, woven materials and patchwork quilts. . Typically I just plop spoonfuls or glops from my brush fairly uniformly across the paper. Facebook, twitter, pinterest, google, stumbleUpon, tumblr email. Boil 7 cups of water in a large pan. To purchase go to, paste Paper Store. The consistency will be like heavy syrup. Mine took about an hour to set. Contents into 1 gal. Add 2 tablespoons acrylic paint to approximately 1 cup paste.

Paper paste

Tube watercolor or gouache, and the colors start to blend together. The papers will curl up university and cockle as they dry. Etc to make interesting patterns or textures. But other pigments such as tempera. I brush the colors across the whole paper. Scrapers, paper clips, alternately, making the Paper, you paper want something that wont tip over.

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And lift, many variations can be found on the internet or in books and other publications. I like to make at least one or two more identical papers so that later when I go to use the papers for a print bookbinding project. Also keep in mind that cooked pastes will typically dry smoothershinier than raw pastes. Even though I use minimal tools the patterns that result are endless. Gently lift one corner and peel it off your plastic. Paste papers made using brush strokes and fingers. I have enough paste paper to complete the project. I used one container for each color. Prewet the paper with water or a base color to relax. A table with a shellac finish allows easy clean up with a sponge.

Dont be shythis isnt a drybrush kind of techniquebut dont get your paper sopping wet, either.To mix up a batch of blue, I squeezed a bit of blue acrylic paint into one of my applesauce containers.

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Clean your mylar workspace and start over with another paper.You want plastic rather than newspaper, because youll be dragging some of your paint out onto your work surfaceand also, because no matter how dry your paper gets on plastic, youll still be able to peel it off.Metallic acrylics add an interesting contemporary look/sheen to the papers, and I have discovered that sprinkling wet papers with walnut ink crystals or metallic powder also makes for some wonderful papers.

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