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experiences many tragic falls, but nevertheless, he does not let his failures get him down. I believe that a good movie must have a good plot, wonderful acting, and

the most important thing is the audiences feeling when they have finished watching the movie. Jaden understands what is going on and understands that his dad is trying so hard to do right and to give him a better life. Some of the clothing Smith and his son Jaden wore in the movie was made in an effort to match with characteristics fitting homelessness and the painful turmoil associated with the close bond between father and son. The visual and sound effects of this decorate film were impressive and had intensifying sound and visual scenes that were emotional, heartwarming, and remarkably outstanding and couldnt match any other performance. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! Head writer, Steven Conrad, along with director Gabriele Muccino included every minute detail to really keep the viewer intrigued and wanting more. The more dramatic and heart-felt scenes in the movie are carried out impeccably as well. At one point during the movie, he and his son are even forced to sleep in a grimy subway station bathroom; this was probably Gardners lowest point in the film. Chris causes financial difficulties for his family by losing his current job and then has troubles with his relationship with his wife that leaves him and moves to New York. He taught his son don't lose heart. Chris accepts a permanent job as a stockbroker after his training is over and becomes very emotional. We have been educated since we were children about how a miserable man escapes from a desperate situation.

Making Gardners wardrobe more compelling and resilient like in the real life direction in the 1980s. He and his son depend on each other for survival 38, we will write a shape custom sample essay on A Pursuit of Happiness a Movie Review specifically for you. When watching the film I was considering whether to continue to go to college. Signs and raggedy clothing made the time in this film adjust transparently. Start over, we will write a custom sample essay on A Pursuit of Happiness a Movie Review specifically for you.

The, pursuit of Happiness is a movie about a struggling salesperson who takes custody of his son, as he is ready to begin a life-changing experience.A fairy tale in realist drag, The, pursuit of Happyness is the kind of entertainment that goes down smoothly until it gets stuck in your craw.Free, essay : Based on the real life story of Chris Gardner, the.

He goes from getting kicked out of his paychecktopaycheck apartment to hobnobbing with the wealthy for connections in such a believable and easy manner. Smith flawlessly captured the essence of a struggling dad used paper wrapper trying to make it into the big leagues. Knowing they will be ok, a child like Jaden would be so motivated as to wear the same clothing voluntarily for several days considering the stench was probably quite overwhelming but this was a movie with homeless individuals so the matter was quiet. And I feel that The Pursuit of Happyness does this perfectly. But his life was down and out. Although The Pursuit of Happyness does not portray Will Smith as his usual comedic self. If the viewer does not enjoy The Pursuit of Happyness. A character who has strong wisdom as a single father and desperately wants to do right without complaints and his only hope is drifting away when everything meaningful falls apart at the same time leaving Chris bruised and battered. The soundtrack included songs from the artist Andrea Guerra.

No matter how desperate we are, we still expect the miracle will occur one day.As I stated earlier, there is no lull because it goes over every adversity that is placed before Chris Gardner, ranging from when he gets left by his wife, to him stiffing a cab driver out of a few dollars.While doing his mundane task of walking the streets of San Francisco, California to sell his machines, Chris happens upon a very nice sports car.

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After one finishes watching the movie, they might just want to conquer the world (with a precious five year old in tow)!The Pursuit of Happiness is a story of success, somewhat like mine in relation to losing everything, struggling through lifes failures as a single parent, unemployed, broke and dependent upon no one but myself to do what it takes for my child.We follow along with Chris Gardners pursuit of trying to beat out the other interns to get the coveted spot of being on the stock broking firm at Dean Witter.