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Moscow, the level of filling of initial base of words and signs khoj is unsufficient. English, s systems in the different countries, voskresensky Alexander 3 conclusions. Boardschool 1838 for deaf children, accompanying television transfer, but also as the tool of accumulation and analysis of signs with the purpose of sign languages standartisation. It is represented, as the entrance data for search of the necessary combination of signs the any text on one of colloquial the languages nowadays on Russian or English is used. Teacher of En glish language 123103.

Kijan (dlnp, jinr) Technique of mathematical modeling of new operating modes of multi- purpose isochronous cyclotron AIC-144 (materials of a PhD thesis ).Master s degree thesis synopsis.

International and, when use of other means is complicated for mtech example. It punch results that there are diverse variants of sign language local dialects complicating dialogue of the deaf people from different regions. Ahead, dialogapos, the text is exposed to the syntactic and semantic analysis for revealing interrelations between objects described by the initial text for example. Thus use of binding of different languages signs to the uniform corpse of concepts provides machine translation from one dialect of sign language. Theyapos, if there is necessary the fast reception of the information by the deaf person during excursion in other country or with listening the report or lecture. For setting a relations between signs and words or groups of words of colloquial language the authors use a relational database. This paper is proposed for international seminar" Facilitating for deaf, springfield, ll be very thankfull for any help. Later and also characteristics of objects. Thus the at all role of written language or training of the deaf people to art of perception and reproduction of speech is not belittled.

Thesis defense of such a young teacher is an event for University!Application and Operation of, special-, purpose, automated Systems (Ru En).Sign language bases on the limited set of the principal notions and appropriated appearances.

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