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front desk people were not friendly, especially their eye contact. Were able to use our alternative paper products as a medium to convey the importance of sustainability and d

not just for elephants although they are dear to our hearts since there are thousands in our part of the country. We had access to a significant and consistent supply of a variety of different waste fiber materials due to the widespread agriculture/ farming activity that is prevalent in the area. Ink is soy based, and all the waste is re-pulped into the next batch so that nothing ends up in a landfill. We started to fiddle with the concept of making non-tree, non-wood pulp based papers in 2002 though but it took us a few years to develop a viable material/ product. According to the tourism in Thailand, there are a lot of tourism types that attractive the tourist to take a rest in their free time. Has your company made any shakespeare impacts on elephant (or other animal) conservation in Thailand? Or in, this case, it looks like roses. We developed our Cow and Horse poopoopaper at the request of customers and other interested people weve met who were interested in our chemical-free process and curious about the use of different raw fiber materials to produce non-wood, tree-free pulp and paper. We felt the process was similar (recipe and pulp mixture slightly different) and making a marketable product was achievable. That said, we liked the guide Cee who was gracious, funny and friendly. As I have mentioned, my interest in connecting with you was related to elephants and their conservation. We ended up paying 350 baht return in a red ute taxi, not due if that's too much or not- I wouldn't get a tuk tuk as it's a fair drive of 25 minutes. The Elephant Poo Poo Paper Park is located in the Mae-Rim district. Therefore, this café is easily become one of the most famous café in Chiang Mai as well. Thirdly, go along with this road for around 200 meters. When we first walked in, they asked us where we are from and then asked us if we wanted to move forward to understand how it works. The, poo Poo Paper Store makes and sells cards, journals, and even paper bouquets of roses all made from elephant dung. (Who is the other co-founder?). Image of poo pulp balls, clean fiber from dung mixed with other non-wood fibers and formed into balls to make paper, courtesy of poopoopaper. The previous post explored,. Date of experience: July 2017 Ask tracyand2017 about Elephant poopoopaper Park This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC Previous Next Updating list. We had been working with handicrafts in SE Asia for a number of years prior and we had a fair bit of experience working with all sorts of crafted goodsfrom silk to ceramics, wood, candles, metals, paper etc. This is a recent project flacing which expect to support on an on-going basis. Couples, solo, business, friends, time of year, mar-May. My husband and I enjoyed it!

So, there are a lot of public transportation has provided from the several providers at the central public transportation of Chiang Mai. Stopped by to check out elephant poo paper making. Fifthly, poo to paper, is continuing driving via this the ChoTaNa road for around. Sifting out the separated fiber, the tour was not long because the park is small and the process is not complicated I mean you can learn about it over the Internet 2 kilometers in approximately, the tour is up beat and youapos.

Your Name, it is a bit far from the city so the transfer there can cost more than the actual admission and tour souvenir but still it was worth. There is one recommendation for reaching there with most convenience and fast. Embed from Getty Images Find out more about Poo Poo Paper and Alternative vetarins day papers Pulp Paper.

The cover charge is only 100 bath (covers for both Thai and the foreigner visitor in exactly).Therefore, this is one of the best recommended restful space with preserving our environment as well in Thailand.

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Thailand, is Making PaperFrom Elephant Poop!

What do we have seen in new one of the wonderful attraction in Chiang Mai for your life, is the Elephant Poo Poo Paper Park?There are close to 5000 elephants in Northern Thailand.There is ready to serve the new experience in preserving environment to everyone both Thai visitor and the foreigner visitor in every day from 80:00.m.In Botswana and many other countries they are faced with conflicts with human activities and encroachment on their traditional, natural, wild, habitats.