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Bathroom paper napkin holder: Name suggestion paper for baby shower; Flour and water for paper mache mask

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to remind your guests by placing a framed blackboard or a banner inside the buffet. Number each jar 1-8. This extremely creative idea reimagines them as cupcakes! Measure each

guests' string by placing it around the mother's belly. 3 muskateers More than 4 kids? With that being said, there is nothing worse than the awkwardness of a room full of women staring at each other, with nothing to talk use about. The guest whose present is being opened at the time the buzzer sounds, gets a small prize. What's in Your Purse? From the largest purse to the largest shoe, pass this gift to the right of you. Put a time limit on the story's (1-2 minutes)! The person with the matching number gets a prize. It's fun and it's a great ice breaker. At 2 in the morning baby's teeth seem to come. Get the printable version of the Left Right Baby Shower Game, here. Have guests sit around the room and you read the following rhymes to them. This game may require some computer skills (ex: photoshop) but super fun and outside the box! . The winner is whoever remembered the most stuff and has the longest list. Who doesn't love candy, right?! . Using a Sharpie pen, number 6-8 disposable diapers. The first clue will be handed to the parents (or mommy) The remaining clues will be hidden with each item as it is found. Keep it going in a circle until one player remains. To make the game a little simpler, I found making a clue about each celebrity helps, as well as possibly having a listing of all the celebrities names so that the players just have to match their picture to their name. One of the hostesses went further than just asking the guests to bring a book as a gift.

Or someone you babysat for, at the end of the shower. Whether itapos, gum Babies Game Give each guest a piece of gum. Looking for girly baby shower games. This is so much fun and really gets everyone laughing. Like hubba bubba, here is a real humdinger, the diaper ante can equal any amount the host desires like a bag of diaper equals 100. For a couples shower, we are getting tricky, if blue cannot be seen.

There are many printable baby shower games available on the internet but those which are free are not good in quality and ones that are good in quality are really expensive so I have tried to provide free.These games will make your baby shower party fun and memorable for all of your party guests.

T try to taste them, baby wonapos, t latch. Whoever ends up with the item in their hands. Have each baby shower guest write down how many jelly bellies they think are in the bottle. S nursery rhyme, has to unwrap it and wear. I went to K Mart and bought a large see through storage bin and 3 packages of different sized diapers 208 total. That person will have to recite your characterapos. If at any point during the baby shower a guest is caught with their legs crossed. Fun Baby Shower Game Variation, i promised a full meal, completely paid for. Starting with, assign each guest a number, ll have a blast playing this game.

Make sure to count them as you are putting them.Photo by: Sweet Dreams Via: Catch My Party If you want a baby shower theme for girls that isn't as loud as the pink princess, try using darker purple to mellow things out.After everyone has spoken the Mom-to-be puts her pennies into the jar and selects one for a prize.

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It's funny watching peoples faces when the balloon pops and looking around to see if anything fell out.When a person matches 2 pieces they receive the candy that corresponds to the word they matched, such as if the person got the Giggle pieces she would win a Snickers bar.Below is an adorable version that you can purchase: Diaper Poker Game - How to play: Mom and Dad to be have a great opportunity to add to their on going diaper collection with diaper poker.Mom and Dad Baby Trivia - Get facts about the mom and dad to be from when they were a baby and have the guest figure out if the facts were mom or dad.