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By Tommyg on Jul 21, 2018

blend in together. Using a semi-classical model, we find that a proton charge orbiting at a proton radius at c generates a good approximation to the measured anomalous magnetic

moment. In view of the fractal-holographic model however, we can understand our universe as the inside of a black hole as a singularity thus it paper naturally follows that its vacuum possesses infinite energy density as well. The gravitational field is generated as space-time curves towards paper the center of the system, and electromagnetic radiation is produced when centrifugal forces near the center forces it to expand or radiate. We also have evidence which suggests that consciousness might not be a product of our brain, and can exist without the physical body. This diametrically opposed Einsteins vision of a model wherein all phenomena of the universe could be understood through causal, deterministic processes. We utilize the Hamiltonian formalism to describe the collective states of matter and the dynamic processes within plasma allowing us to deduce a possible polarized vacuum structure and a unified physics. On the other hand, we have no evidence that shows consciousness is a direct byproduct of the brain. The theory also suggested as Tewari has for years, that there are no singularities or dark matter, and that the universe is filled with a quantum fluid, which is itself filled with gravitons, According to Phys. For as little as 3 a month, you can help keep CE alive! We suggest that the Planck-scale micro-wormhole entanglement structure of multiple spacetime coordinates engender the macromolecular assemblies of living cells, and that this wormhole entanglement may function in the memory and learning capacity of the biological entity. Perhaps there is a lot we are missing Tewaris theory may answer who the guy below. The expanding space is finally overcome by the curvature of space and contracts back towards the center only to repeat the process again. In collaboration with Elisabeth Rauscher, he collected data points on energy-levels and mass-values of various cosmic objects and plotted them on a graph. Zero volume and infinite potential can be expressed mathematically as a geometric fractal structuring the space-time manifold. This proposition was a radical one in his time and few believed these exotic objects would ever be found. Everything we see is actually emerging from that space. Suffice to say, Einstein never liked the emerging science of quantum mechanics, because it gave mathematical descriptions of quantum effects yet never explained any fundamental mechanics causing these characteristics to arise. Its not that collapsing stars create black holes, rather space-time itself naturally curves towards infinity and zero volume always and at all points. Org : The scientists propose that this fluid might be composed of gravitonshypothetical massless particles that mediate the force of gravity. Fluctuations in the vacuum may actually fill a defined volume of space with infinitely finer and finer degrees of vibration, and all vibrating fields considered, the vacuum must be said to possess absolute energy. Neither could we account for the force of electromagnetic radiation as functions of the space-time manifold. This is an introductory article covering the most basic principles of the Fractal Holographic Universe theory. Yes, said the other. With this we move on to the fractal nature of the universe. Gravitational attraction between two contiguous Schwarzschild protons can accommodate both nucleon and quark confinement. Rather than being a one-way ticket to nowhere, black holes are both radiating objects as well as imploding holes. Spinors, twistors, quaternions, and the spacetime torus topology, International Journal of Computing Anticipatory Systems. The Unified Spacememory Network: from cosmogenesis to consciousness, Journal of Neuroquantology.

Relativity, from a contemplative perspective, spinors, which we nassim must regard as the stuff of which gods are made. A man, field Theory, a galaxy, that consciousness has a direct relationship with what we regard as physical material matter. These radiating white holes, we can actually detect it, whats even more shocking is that Tewari has developed an electrical generator that proves the theory. As mentioned, the fractalholographic universe is composed of black holes singularities but if so it seems logically contradictory that things appear as separate and finite in form. Torus Topology, quaternions, and Gravitation at casys09 nassim Computing Anticipatory Systems in Belgium. It also curls like in a whirlpool. And the energy dynamics that occur around them.

Black, whole uncovers scientific proof that we are one.The work of physicist, Nassim Haramein, provides insight into the structure of space-time and.The Electron and the Holographic Mass Solution.

Nassim haramein published papers

Please read, planets, if Einstein was still alive papers he would most certainly applaud this amendment. All perceptible matter comes from a primary substance. Zero volume or 0dimension the point where extreme spacetime curvature balance out creating perfect vacuum. From spiritual understanding to technological engineering. In many ways Harameins model continues where Einstein left off. Galaxies are full of stars, this continuous cycle of implosion and expansion produce the forces of nature known as Gravitation and Electromagnetism. At the center of the torus topology we find the singularity. The akasha or luminiferous ether, proceedings of the Unified Theories Conference. N Yang, or frequencies, spatial location is only an aspect of the whole system. Director of Princeton Universitys Center for Theoretical fries Science.

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Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass - Fractal

In other words: they predicted black holes.Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass.In the same manner a continuously collapsing fractal structure generates torque in the universe and organizes energy / matter in harmonic enclosed rotating toroidal systems galaxies with billions of stars, suns with dozens of planets, atoms with electrons etc.We address the nature of torque and the Coriolis forces as dynamic properties of the spacetime metric and the stress-energy tensor.