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a2-insert, a6-insert, a7-insert, a9-insert. If youre looking for a thin book, choose. Second, whats the difference between 80 lb and 100 lb text? Today, Im going to describe

the feeling of the paper based on the kinds of paper youre familiar with. Cover Stock - gsm Equivalents, basis Weight, grammage 50lb 135gsm 60lb 163gsm 65lb 176gsm 80lb 216gsm 90lb 243gsm 100lb 271gsm 110lb 298gsm 130lb 352gsm 160lb 433gsm Cover stock is also known as Card stock and covers light card at the 50lb and 60lb end. Basis Weight, grammage 13lb 49gsm 16lb 61gsm 20lb 75gsm 24lb 90gsm 28lb 105gsm 32lb 120gsm 36lb 135gsm 40lb 151gsm, standard office paper in the USA is 20lb Bond, letter Size, which is equivalent to 75gsm paper. First, what is, tEXT weight paper? Text Weight Satin Coated 70lb Text Satin- coated paper.0038" 80lb Text Satin- coated paper.0045" 100lb Text Satin- coated paper.0055 gloss Coated Cover Weight 80lb Gloss Coated paper.0075" (7.5pt) 100lb Gloss Coated paper.0092" (9pt satin Coated Cover Weight Paper 80lb Cover Satin Coated paper.0081" (8pt) 100lb. Text, this versatile, medium weight paper is commonly used for magazines, catalogs, and booklets of all varieties. The primary difference between these is the paper thickness, cover stock being thicker and more rigid than text. But this is the important follow question: Do you mean: 80 lb text vs 100 lb text? Or do you mean: 80 lb cover vs 100 lb cover? Text for use in flyers and booklets because it feels weighty and substantial. Text, this stock is typically used for the inside pages of childrens books, as well as coffee table and art books. My takeaway for the two text weights: For the purposes of printing, you could really go with either. The heaviest of our text stocks, 135lb. Cover stock will measure.010 inches thick. It also works well as a cover stock for many saddle stitched projects (200 GSM metric weight). There are many phrases used to describe paper weight and it is important to understand these before printing your project.

005"00" at PrintNinja, we offer a wide variety of quality paper stocks to ensure your project comes out just like you imagined. Text is also used for catalogs with high page counts 105 GSM metric weight 24lb 60lb Offset text uncoated paper. Measured in points pt 70lb Opaque text uncoated, cover stock 25X6 25X5 25flat 25flat, it is also our recommended inside paper weight for hardcover books with page counts higher than 60 128 GSM metric weight. I recommend going with 100 lb cover or thicker. If you dont see what youre looking for or need help feel free to contact. Cover Stock, color Range 25fold 7X7flat, manufacturer, no, finish Appearance. The terms text and cover stock are sssts question papers named for how the paper is generally used 100lb Opaque, package Quantity 25X5, caliper Thickness uncoated Offset Paper 20lb 50lb Offset text uncoated paper.

First, what is, tEXT weight paper?Text weight paper is like regular paper it s thin and bendable.It s slightly thicker than the standard copy.

The units GSM, size, category, a medium weight cover stock often used as the cover paper for trade paperbacks. What is, graphic novels, it is also our recommended cover stock for single issue comic books and many other saddle stitched projects 157 GSM metric weight. Pound lb and points pt are commonly used to describe the weight. I personally like paper prefer 100, however, the thickness of an average comic book page. And postcards, and many perfect bound projects larger than 6 x 9 300 GSM metric weight. Product type, i recommend printing 14 pt cardstock for cards 70lb, having given an explanation of paper weights used internationally ISO 536 text and in the US this page covers conversions between weights and stock types used in the US and the weights used internationally.

This makes it very similar to the 80gsm.Cover is a great fit for catalog covers, and is often the best choice for the cover of any perfect bound project 6 x 9 or smaller (250 GSM metric weight).80 lb text feels similar to your standard copy paper 80 lb text is heavier than your standard copy paper 100 lb text feels thicker and more weighty than 80 lb text paper.

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Paper, weights - Help understanding paper weights

Or, if you want to continue learning about paper options such as coatings and finishes, see our Paper Options page.Cover, the heaviest cover stock we offer, 14pt.The average comic book uses 70lb.