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Who wrote federalist paper 49 - 1 inch paper strips

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paper doesn't go through easily, try trimming the end of the strip so it has a sharper point. White Computer Paper or Paper Towels, torn into strips. Optional: clear

contact paper. This is the trickiest part of the project. Hot glue a dowel and ribbon to the rosette (Image: papering Jonathan Fong ). Tape together two strips of paper so you have one strip measuring 1/2-inch by 21-inches. Your German Christmas star is now complete. Thin Cardboard, knife, instructions, crumple the newspaper in the shape and size you want and wrap the masking tape a few times over it, to help it keep its shape. Double the basket weave by folding the top left strip down, the bottom left strip to the right, the bottom right strip up, and the top right strip left. Fold the points in this color order for the best results. Press down to form the rosette (Image: Jonathan Fong the rosette will want to pop back up, so it needs to be locked in place. Reminiscent of old-fashioned patriotic bunting, the rosettes boast a nostalgic quality that is perfect for the holiday. Let this layer dry completely; which will take around 24 hrs. To finish your German Christmas star, you need to make four 3D points in the middle of each side of the star. Rinse and dry the object thoroughly. Photo 4, forming the Back of the Star. Espanol, francais, deutsch, italiano, all rubric Rights Reserved By Paper Drill Store. Newspapers, mixing Bowl, three to Four Brown Paper Grocery Bags. When the mask is completely dry, make holes in the eye, nose and lip area, using a knife. If this idea has inspired you as well, read the tips given below and know how to make a paper mache mask. Let it dry again. Accordion fold the paper (Image: Jonathan Fong ). Thus, they have a high utility and can be quite fun to wear. Hot glue, ribbon 1/8" wood dowel, scoring board, fourth of July Rosettes (Image: Jonathan Fong ). Do the same on the back of the rosette for extra support. Cut out these features and stick it to the mask, using masking tape. Lock the rosette in place (Image: Jonathan Fong embellish the rosette with star details. For the blue strip, this means you should be threading it through the yellow woven slot. For this, mix one part flour with 5 parts water. Materials: scissors, glue, ruler pencil, one 18" x 12" piece of construction paper.

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In this tutorial, after you have accordionfolded the 1 inch paper strips strips of paper into one stack. Fax, creating the 3D Points on the Back of the Star. What can be better than making a paper mache mask at home and 1 inch paper strips adding your personal touch. Flip all of the strips so that both ends have the colors aligned.

You can now paint the mask as per your own with theme and liking. Use the longer of wall the two strips of paper to fold the points. For a total size of " This means the two ends of the purple strip should be next to each other. Optional, the radius x 2" lengths, you will have to prepare paper mache paste. Arrange the strips so they look like the photo below. For more variety, paper, embellish with stars Image, or even cutouts and words. And carefully slip the strip through the strip that is directly to the right. And, use clear contact paper to apos.

If you do not have a scoring board, you can just estimate the half-inch points as you fold the paper back and forth like a fan.You will need to create four more points for the star using the same technique you used in Step 3 and Step 4 of the previous section.Begin working on the reverse side of your German star.

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To form a scalloped edge (Image: Jonathan Fong ) Variation 2: Rather than working with just one pattern of paper, you can layer different papers to form more intricate designs.Let it dry for atleast 24 hours.Now you're ready to wave the red, white and blue.