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that recycling paper to make pulp may actually consume more fossil fuels than making new pulp via the kraft process since these mills generate all of energy from burning

waste wood (bark, roots) and byproduct lignin. Then multiply by the percent recycled content in the paper. Office and printing papers, letterhead, business cards, copy paper, base sheet for higher-quality coated magazine and catalog papers, advertising papers, offset papers). For example, one ton (40 cartons) of 30 percent post-consumer content copier paper saves.2 trees; one ton of 50 percent post-consumer content copier paper saves 12 trees. Relating tonnes of paper recycled to the number of trees not cut is meaningless, since tree size varies tremendously and is the major factor in how much paper can be made from how many trees. In highly urbanized areas, such as the northeastern US and most of Europe, land suitable for landfills is scarce and must be used carefully. H ow much paper can be made from a tree? A pallet of copier paper (20-lb. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certifies paper made from trees harvested according to guidelines meant to ensure good forestry practices. This is enough electricity to power a 3-bedroom European house for an entire year, or enough energy to heat and air-condition the average North American home for almost six months. The high rates of of recycling for post-consumer office paper, newspaper, paperboard, and corrugated fiberboard reflect the efficiency of recycling mills to clean and process the incoming materials. How do you calculate how many trees are saved by using recycled paper? Multiply the number of trees needed to make a ton of the kind of paper youre talking about (groundwood or freesheet). Newsprint, telephone directories, base sheet for low-cost coated magazine and catalog papers) uses trees about twice as efficiently as paper made in the kraft or freesheet process (e.g. He calculated that, based on a mixture of softwoods and hardwoods 40 feet tall and six to eight inches in diameter, it would take a rough average of 24 trees to produce a ton of printing and writing paper, using the kraft chemical (freesheet) pulping. Fortunately, it is in such areas that collection of waste paper is also most efficient. Energy, there is some debate concerning the energy savings realized in recycling paper. Several technologies are available to sort, screen, filter, and chemically treat the recycled paper. De-inking at Cross Pointe's Miami, Ohio mill results in sludge weighing 22 of the weight of wastepaper recycled. Many of the trees used to make paper are just chips and sawdust. (The number will vary somewhat because there often is more fiber in newsprint than in office paper, and there are several different ways of making this type of paper.). Stickies can originate from book bindings, hot melt adhesives, PSA adhesives from paper labels, laminating adhesives of reinforced gummed tapes, etc. Modern mills produce considerably less 1 ton paper equals many trees pollution than those of a few decades ago. SFI: A Good Sign Somebody Cares. Coated or Uncoated? Film-backed pressure sensitive tape stays intact: the PSA adhesive and the backing are both removed together. Some are hardwood, some are softwood. Recycling one ton of paper saves 17 trees. First, we have to define what a "tree". Let's say an average pine tree weighs a ton (2000 pounds). About half the tree ends up being usable, so that's 1000 pounds. Well a 500 page package of paper is about 5 pounds.

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1 ton of printing or copier paper saves slightly more three line writing paper for kindergarten than 2 tonnes of wood. While the Bureau of International Recycling. Recycling of newsprint saves about 1 tonne of wood while recycling 1 tonne.

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Releasing methane, some wide, some young, including paper 6 trees. Today, a potent greenhouse gas, it has been estimated that recycling half the worlds paper would avoid the harvesting of 20 million acres. Recycling mills purchase most ies conventional paper preparation tips of their energy from local power companies and since recycling mills tend to be in more urban areas. MIT Press, old growth forests 9 and second and third and more generation forests account for the balance.

Recycled pulp, or paper made from it, is known as PCF (process chlorine free) if no chlorine-containing compounds were used in the recycling process.Pulp mills producing new mechanical pulp use large amounts of energy, a very rough estimate of the electrical energy needed is 10,000 megajoules (MJ) per tonne of pulp (2500 kWh per short ton usually from hydroelectric generating plants.

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How many trees will be cut to make 1 kg of paper?

There is no simple answer to these questions, and all calculations can be no better than ballpark estimates.Metal straps and staples can be screened out or removed by a magnet.Scrap from paper mills (broke) is the cleanest source for recycling.So how can one talk about a typical tree?